Friday, November 05, 2010

Giving Thanks: Grandparents

I have really wanted to institute some family traditions around here, and since we're staying here for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, I thought it was the right time to start.

Last year I saw a Thanksgiving countdown at Sugardoodle, but I thought Dean might be too little to really get it. This year I decided to do it, but I customized it for us. I made up 21 cards with pictures so Dean could pick one a day until Thanksgiving. I think I'm going to glue them to feathers and put them on a Turkey body so we'll "pluck the turkey" every day. I really hope I can keep up with it because I think it could be really good/fun for us.

Today's card was: I'm thankful for grandma and grandpa--draw a picture for grandparents and mail them a letter.

I asked Dean if he wanted to paint, draw, or glue shapes for them. We went with painting today. He was generous with the paint, so we're going to have to wait until tomorrow to send them.

This was Walter's first real art project. I usually just put water on his brush and let him "paint" with the water.


Marzy Dotes said...

Yes I would say that is liberal! He paints like my P - coveres every square inch. We've started pulling the paints out about once a week and the kids love it. I love your thanksgiving idea. I might need to do something like that with my kids.

Lois said...

Looking forward to receiving the art work! Fun tradition.

leethie said...

I'm glad you shared this! A potentially easy and meaningful tradition.