Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One month and one day

It's hard for me to believe it's already been a month and a day since we had little Walt. We went to the cardiologist to check up on his heart and - GOOD NEWS! - his heart murmur is innocent. I was surprised to hear that 7 out of 10 kids with "normal" hearts will have innocent heart murmurs during their childhood.

They weighed him there and he was a good 9 lbs. 10 oz., a whole 2 lbs heavier than his 2 week check up 2 weeks ago! It's amazing how quickly little babies change in the beginning. All of these pictures are from today.

He's definitely becoming more aware of what's going on and is a little more opinionated about things.

He absolutely detests having his diaper or clothes changed, especially when he's hungry. He's still sleeping pretty well, but is sooooo squeaky, wheezy and grunty when he's trying to go back to sleep at night after I feed him (well, any time he's awake really). He doesn't usually cry (thank heavens!), but his grunting can go on for 20-30 min. and it's pretty hard for me to tune it out since he's in our room. I have definitely spent more time awake at night with him than I ever did with Dean, but he sleeps much better in the day than Dean ever did.

He poops a lot, just like Dean. I change probably 10 poopy diapers a day (not including Dean's diapers). I guess that's better than a few poops that result in blow outs.

He's not as content hanging out in his chair so I've been "wearing" him more. It's really unfortunate that TX doesn't really have baby wearing weather right now because we both end up pretty sweaty. It's nice, though, that he falls asleep almost immediately after getting in the pouch or wrap. I've cooked, mopped, and walked to the park, etc. with him asleep in the wrap.

He's kind of hard to swaddle. He has very strong arms and legs, and his arms are so long they hang out the arm part of my stretchy swaddle-wrap blankets! He then will reach up and around the blanket and still get to his face. His long arms also make it harder to change his clothes and get him into his car seat.

Dean likes his baby brother a little more each day. He always tries to share his food, treats, toothbrush, milk, blankies, toys etc. with him even though I'm constantly telling him he doesn't have teeth or can't have those things. He has fewer jealous moments and has been more himself. I do have to put him in time out about 4-5 times a day for trying to sit on Walt, poke him in the eyes, etc. I need to learn to not lose it when he does harmful things. I get over it quickly and show lots of love, but I hate yelling at him to stop doing mean things to Walt.

Tonight I tried to get some pictures with just the two of them. I wanted Dean to try and "hold" Walt. He was unsure of it at first, but started crying when I took Walt away. Walt didn't care much for the situation.

Our Boys

Dean "holding" Walt.
A very, very common occurrence.
Dean's "riding" on the front of the seat after stealing Walt's pacifier.
This was his answer to me telling him he couldn't sit directly on Walt.


randa_joy said...

I feel like a wild yelling beast takes me over when Addie does naughty things to Tatum. Glad to hear I'm not the only one!

marzy dotes said...

That last bit cracks me up. Kids are so funny. Your boys are so cute! Before long they will be playing together.

Sarah Pace said...

I'm so glad there is nothing seriously wrong with his heart. Thats good news. I'll bet you were worried though! I know I would have been.

Amanda said...

the stolen pacifier pic is priceless. my two oldest boys were grunters in their sleep, so they only lasted about 10 days before i had to move them to a different room to get some sleep.

Kristeee said...

That's great about his heart. I was surprised to hear the same when Kate had her flow murmur. If nothing else, it's a great way to scare mommies!

Your boys are cute. I bet they'll have great fun together.