Wednesday, August 05, 2009

And today I know I'll be okay

Last night I got a blessing from Matt and my dad that my body could heal up properly and that I could deal with the changes. My dad also gave me a father's blessing this morning before they left.

Today actually went better than I expected. I physically felt much better today. The burning I was having in my incision was greatly reduced. My back didn't hurt as much either. Walt slept more than normal, so he and Dean really didn't interact all that much today. I just hope that Walt doesn't flip flop his days and nights since he slept so much today. During the first feeding Dean hit Walt 3 times and kicked him in the head once, but the second feeding I found that if I completely covered Walt with a blanket Dean left him alone more. Similarly, I have found that Dean isn't as threatened by Walt if he's in a wrap or sling. I have a pouch sling that is super easy and comfortable heat wise, but it did kind of exacerbate the back pain I've experienced during recovery. Today I tried the Moby-like wrap my friend Lisa sent me. It was much easier on my back, but definitely toastier. So, I'll probably alternate the two.

Anyway, I am grateful for blessings and my husband and my parents. I know that I'll be fine, even if I (and Dean) have a few meltdown moments here and there.


Sarah Pace said...

We're all allowed those meltdown moments! Take as many as you need=) Those fathers blessings always do wonders! at least they always do for me.

Sorry about the back pain. I go through the same thing! Hope it gets better for you!

Anonymous said...

I was like that after we got home with our 2nd and my in-laws left. I was crying on the porch for 10 minutes thinking "they left me alone with 2 children!"

It *is an adjustment but it will be fine. You are strong.

Laura said...

I remember after Maia was many moments wondering if I could do it.
Meltdowns sometimes end up being the thing that spurs me into doing better or at least feeling better about everything I'm supposed to be doing.
Good luck with your two cute boys! I know you can do it!