Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The name game: a follow up

When we got to the hospital we were still unsure of a name for our baby. We had 5 names that were on the "short list" for a first name: Edward, James, Luke, Garrett, and Walter. James is a family name on both sides, and Walter is Matt's great, great grandfather (though we didn't know that when it first made our list). Edward was a name that topped Matt's list for years, and Garrett was Matt's current favorite boy name. Luke was a name my dad suggested since Matt's dad's name is Mark. Mark, Matthew, and Luke.

For middle names we only had two ideas: Campbell and James. Campbell is the Scottish clan on Matt's mom's side.

Initially Matt got to see the baby longer than I, so as we were waiting to get him back from the clean up and tests, I asked if he had any names stick out to him. He said there was a name that came to him, but he wanted me to see him and hear what I thought before he told me his idea.

After I saw him, two names popped into my head and I thought both were quite suitable for our little blondie. One was Walter James. The other was James Campbell. The name that came to Matt was Walter Campbell. I thought that was also a suitable name after hearing it. I was totally torn and couldn't figure out what name was "the best" for him. After mulling it over two days in the hospital, I kept coming back to Walter. Maybe it was because I mentally referred to him as such the last few months of pregnancy.

I really liked Campbell for a middle name, but it just didn't seem to flow right syllabically with Walter. Wal-ter Camp-bell Bras-field. It wasn't bad; I could live with it, but it just didn't feel right to me. So then I was back to Walter James. When I told Matt I was leaning toward that, he said to go with it.

Even after we put it down on the birth certificate papers, I was a little worried we'd given him the wrong name. Was he really James Campbell?

After having him home for a week I feel like we made the right choice. Walt just works.


Emily said...

He is so precious!

We had kind of an issue with Ben's name, which was strange to me since Josh's name was always so concrete-- it wasn't until I saw him that we knew it was Benjamin Cole, and not Benjamin Henry, or Benjamin Grant--

Having boys is such a treat, I know it is a little stressful now, but when they are a bit older-- and can pal around together, it's golden! You can't have a closer friend than a brother.

Sarah Pace said...

I still can't believe how blonde his hair is! he is super cute !

and as far as changes in your life, especially bringing another baby into the mix is challenging at times but so rewarding. and Dean will understand! he will always be the first! You'll learn to adjust to being mommy to 2 faster than you think.

You are a good mommy and I have no doubt that you will be able to found out what works the best for you! and your boys! Love ya! take care!

Th. said...


I think I just saw our future. We have no consensus on names yet. Though we might be close. If the baby doesn't change our minds.

Lindsay said...

It took me nearly 3 months to come to complete terms with Garrett's name. I mean, I liked it and all, but I'd been so used to referring to him as Baby that no name fit. Did it really fit him? (Yes, yes it does. I fully realize this now.) This time around we have a name picked out, and in my head that's what he's called. Hopefully that will help.

As to your previous post...hang in there! I've been falling prey to tears myself these last few days as it's become more difficult to take care of Garrett's needs as well as my own. The few times I let my thoughts wander to what things will be like once this baby is finally here, I completely lose it. I think the heat and humidity are getting to me. Advancing pregnancy doesn't help either, I'm sure. You can do this! And tears are okay. It's a huge adjustment after all.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Th. it must be even harder for you since you have to have names for boys or girls!

Wow Lindsay, I hope your name game is easier this time.

Julie Moore said...

Congratulations!! I am so happy for you. What a precious baby. I hope you have a speedy recovery. I know--they can be long and difficult. Priesthood blessings are wonderful, huh? It was wonderful catching up on your beautiful family. Good luck with all that's going on. Lots of luv,
Julie Moore