Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Jet Plane

I may not be the most well traveled person alive, but I love to do it. We did most of our traveling growing up via road trips. You coudn't very well fly a family with 7 children anywhere on a teacher's salary (and can you imagine the evil glares you'd receive from other passengers?). We set out from AZ with destinations such as CA, UT (many, many times), IL, and FL. We mostly camped at KOA's on the long trips. Because, once again, can you imagine how expensive it would be to get a hotel/motel for 8-9 people every night for 2-3 weeks?

I was 14 the first time I flew on an airplane. I went to Boston for 2 weeks to visit my brother and his family. I flew by myself and was a little nervous. I remember being too unsure of myself to use the bathroom on the plane, and for some reason I didn't use one in the airport once I landed. After a 6 hour plane ride and decent car ride to their apt., I sure did have to go badly!!

I think it was 5 more years before I flew again. I went to visit Matt in CA after our freshman year of college, a month or two before he left on his mission. It was the end of July. I flew out of Phoenix and into Oakland. My body was in total shock after getting off the plane. The temp. at PHX was 118* when I left and was 65* and FOGGY when drove up the coast from the airport to Moss Beach.

Just a few months later I took my LONGEST plane ride involving the most plane changes to China. When our plane sat down in China, we went to use the restroom. There were 1-2 regular "sit down" toilets and the rest of the stalls were squatters. Most of the gaggle of girls waited for the regular toilets, but I figured I was there to stay for 6 mo., so I might as well get used to the culture from the get go. If only all the squatters in China were as clean as those in the airports (or McDonalds. They always had good restrooms too.).

Since then I have flown to or from UT, TX, VA, NY, PA, AZ, CA, England, Guatemala City, and Tikal, Guatemala. Some of those trips were when I was single. Some were with Matt after we were married. We had an every-other-year-trip going for our anniversary. This year was going to be Scotland, but I was a bit too pregnant to fly.

After missing our trip this year, I am getting that itch. Every time I hear a plane over head (which is frequent since we live close to DFW airport), I have that burning desire to be on a plane flying somewhere new. Or old. Just somewhere different. A change of scenery. A change of weather.

I want to fly.


Lesley said...

Go somewhere quick while both of your kids are still free!

Kristeee said...

I definitely have the vacation itch that needs some serious scratching. It seems to hit me about every 9 months or so. We're looking into all-inclusive resorts in Mexico (they're pretty cheap right now) and an Alaskan cruise for next summer. We'll see what actually happens, but I get all excited thinking about going places.

What we really should do is find another couple with 1-2 young kids and vacation together so that 1. the kids have playmates, 2. there's some more people to share in the fun, and 3. we can take turns watching the kiddos so the other couple can go snorkeling or something.

Sarah Pace said...

Oh I hear ya!! We do the every other year aniversary also. last year was PHilly and next year will be New York and Philly since it's just a train ride away! why not, especially for a cheesesteak and ritas!!
I think I just want a vacation period! guess I'll just have to wait until Disneyland for Thanksgiving!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Les, the big prob. with kids flying free is that they have to sit on your lap (unless the flight's not full). I can't imagine trying to contain Dean for an entire flight on my lap! I am really, really hoping to fly to CA for Christmas at least once more even though we'll have to buy Dean's ticket. Matt's worried about flying with 2 though.

Kristee, interesting suggestion. Never thought of traveling with non-family members. Will have to consider it.

Sarah, our last anniversary was to PA and NY! I always forget that your Matt went on his mission to PA as well.

leethie said...

I grew up flying everywhere and we never had long family road trips. This summer when our family was finally too big for our budget to fly I was actually excited to drive :) The kids were excited, too. But about the third day Ruth politely gave her opinion that we should just drive to the airport. Yeah, too bad it may be a long while before I fly again.