Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Freaking Out

Poor little Dean has acquired his first phobia.


That's a fear of bathing.

It started a couple weeks ago. He didn't want to recline anymore for some reason. It didn't really get bad until about a week ago. He was standing up and climbing around in his bath tub. I had a hold of one of his hands, trying to get him to sit down. He turned and slipped. His head went under the water. He sucked some in. I pulled him out a split second later, but he was TOTALLY freaking out. I don't blame the kid. It would have been scary.

Ever since then he's started crying even before we put him in the tub. He starts getting nervous when we turn the water on to fill it up. When we actually put him in, he goes crazy. I mean ca-RAY-zy! Like red faced screaming and whole body trembling crazy. The entire time. From start to finish it is pure torture for him.

We tried calming things like soft music, me singing to him, and I actually got in my swim suit tonight and tried holding him the whole time. He wasn't quite as crazy tonight, but he still cried uncontrollably.

The first three months of his life bath time was one of the rare moments he wasn't crying. I'll take the switch (I'd much rather he cry only at bath time), but it does make me sad he's so scared.

(Picture taken November 2007)


Kristeee said...

Could you turn one of his favorite toys into a tub toy? Or intrigue him with the drain? Make it his job to help fill and empty the tub?

Kate slips in the tub on a regular basis. She also dips her head in the water to get drinks, so I think she's a bad comparison :).

Jodi said...

I was going to suggest a bath toy too. Maybe that would help/

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

He's never really been into toys. He likes them fine but has no special affection for one. I did try putting in some of his recent favorites and he doesn't even acknowledge they're there. Too busy crying.

Tom and Audrie said...

They grow out of if it. All four of my kids had similar experiances and after a month or so seemed to realize it was okay. But until then their baths were 2 min. tops. Good Luck.

Matt & Sarah Pace said...

Poor little guy! It sound like theres not to much you can do, but hope he eventually gets over it! Hope it gets better for you!

Juls said...

Is he into colors or bubbles at all? I would add food coloring or bubbles to make it more inviting. How often do you bathe him? Is it right before bed? Maybe it is signaling that it is bed time??

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

I've never tried colors or bubbles. Maybe next time I'll try bubbles. We bathe him every 3 days. I could try bathing him earlier, but it's totally a 2 person job right now, so I do it after lessons when Matt's home.