Monday, September 22, 2008

Crazy 8's

8 TV shows I watch
Some of these we actually watch on Matt's computer on the weekends in stead of movies...
The Reaper
Burn Notice
Battlestar Galactica (waiting for the end of the final season, so this won't be on the list much longer)
Are you smarter than a 5th grader
The Office
Pushing Daisies
Iron Chef America (Occasionally)

8 Favorite Restaurants
Sadly, most of our favorite restaurants are not located anywhere near us...
Bajio Grill (Good cheap Mexican food)-UT
Bombay House (Indian)-UT
Cafe Rio (Only ever eaten their grilled chicken it with the tomatillo dressing)- UT
Dumpling House in Chinatown- NYC (If you ever go, their veggie stuffed sesame pancake sandwiches are just about the most scrumptious food ever...)
Taco Bell if we go the fast food route
Jimmy Johns
Which wich
(Verona Italian?) The Italian Place inside Stay's Furniture in the next town over has BY FAR the best pizza we've eaten in TX.

8 things that happened yesterday
Woke up to Dean crying at 5. Didn't go in until 6:30.
Taught Relief Society The Great Plan of Salvation. (It was one of my favorite lessons yet.)
Made Chicken Taco Soup and Brownies
Made dough for Lavash Bread to go with our dinner tonight
Played Rockband with Matt
Took a walk around the neighborhood with Dean
Watched an episode of The Reaper with Matt
Talked with my mom on the phone

8 things I look forward to
The holiday season
Matt's parents' visit for Dean's birthday
Evenings once Dean's asleep
Fridays since I have no piano lessons
Possibly going to Scotland
Cooler and less humid weather
Dean walking and talking
Hearing from friends and family

8 things I love about fall
Sugar pumpkins for baking yummy things and freezing the puree for later baking if I have extra
Making Pies and other holiday food
Jackets, Sweaters, and Pants
Snuggling up under blankets and reading
Holiday crafts and decorations
Cooler weather
Halloween costumes and pumpkin carving
Leaves changing colors, though that doesn't really happen here...

8 things on my wish list
New furniture
New TV
New flooring (carpeting, wood, tile)
A house big enough to have a piano room separate from the living room
A good swing set or pool for our big backyard
A pedicure
A storage shed
Time and/or a place to practice the piano without the fear of waking Dean up

Like always, I don't tag anyone else. So, feel free to do it if you need something to blog about!


CASSIE said...

Is there a reason why I am drawing a HUGE blank on your last name?? I know you'll tell me and I'll kick myself! (I have mommy brain lately)

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

It's probably because I don't have it on my blog anymore. Don't feel bad. I had 3 siblings not know my last name 2 years after I was married! (You know you're from a big family when...)

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Oh, and please don't judge me by the dumpling house picture. We'd been on the road for a week and I was 5 months pregnant!

Kristeee said...

I hear you on the finding time to practice when you're not waking up a baby! I thought I'd have so much more time to practice staying home. Heh. My piano does, however, have a "practice" pedal that drops a felt between the hammers and the keys, but it's just not as fun to play with it on.