Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Three Columns

Well, I have to be honest. I like the 2 column layout better for aesthetics, but the sidebar was so out of control long. So I've changed to the 3 column thanks to the directions given at Tips for New Bloggers. Check them out. I had to customize it a bit to get the columns the sizes I wanted, and it's not perfect yet, but I think it's fine for now. Is it viewing ok?


becki said...

i see 3 columns, looks good. it took me FOREVER to get mine, congrats!

Lindsay said...

I think it looks great! The bazillions of links making my sidebar super long is what motivated me to do the 3-column layout, too. I like 3 columns, but I really wish I could figure out how make my link lists in drop-down box form. That would clean things up even more.

Th. said...


It's a little overbusy, but extremely functional. My only worry is if you have large pictures, will they overlap on some people's monitors?