Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baby 3 Belly @10 weeks

I love to do the baby belly progression and since I'm showing much earlier this time around, I thought I'd start the pics earlier as well. Here I am at 10 weeks. Dean took these pictures for me.

And since the camera was out, the boys wanted me to take some pictures of them as well. Dean wanted one of him showing his muscles, and so I tried to get one of Walt flexing as well, though he didn't quite get the concept. =)

And here is Walter "cheesing" as Dean likes to say.


Laura said...

Interesting that the doctor said that twins would be "fun."
And your son is pretty good at taking pictures! I still end up without a head in most of the pictures my kids take! :)

MDawg said...

I am exactly the same weeks along as you! I, too, have started taking belly pics. It's amazing how much sooner it pops out with each baby. Your little belly is definitely cute!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Mdawg!!!! Congrats! I had no clue you were preg. Are you just now telling people? Yay! How fun!