Monday, July 18, 2011

The decision

I decided to go with Dr. Cummings rather than the midwives. I had my first appointment this morning at 6:30 am. It was waaaaay better to be the first patient. I will do that every time from now on. No 1.5+ hour waits and no kids since Matt was able to stay with them.

I liked him even more today than I did at the consultation, so that's good. At 10 weeks I'm 129 lbs., up 4.5 lbs. from when I got pregnant. I've been exercising regularly and eating fairly normally (I do have a little more snack after dinner than normal since I'm starving by 8:30), so I don't want to really dwell on numbers if I can help it.

It took him two tries to find the heart beat since he miscalculated where my uterus was. That was a little nerve wracking for a few minutes. I'll have a sono in 2 weeks just to make sure everything is progressing normally. He mentioned that my uterus was measuring a little bigger than 10 weeks, and said something about, "wouldn't it be fun if it were twins?" but he didn't really think there were twins in there.

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