Tuesday, July 05, 2011

My cup overfloweth

I've been having lots, and lots of positive feelings, so I need to get them down here.

Last Friday we had such a fantastic day. Dean seriously didn't ask to get on the computer or TV once until I started making dinner!  We had a fun morning at the splash pad/park, and after I put Walt down for his nap, Dean and I worked on creating him a robot costume. "Mom, thank you sooo much for making this awesome robot outfit."   That night at bedtime, he had it on again, and couldn't figure out how to fold his arms. He said, "Mom, robots don't fold their arms or bow their heads. They just kneel." =)

 When Walter woke up, he wanted in on the robot action, but not so much on the picture action unless he was the one taking the picture.

Yesterday we had such a fun fourth of July. In the morning we went to our Bishop's house for a bike parade, BBQ and pool party. Dean was so excited for the bike parade. He decorated his bike with stickers. When I asked if he wanted any ribbons, he said, "No, that would make it a girl's bike."  I'm pretty sure he was the fastest 3 year old out there!

That night we let the boys stay up late (I let Walt nap until 4:15!!!) so they could experience fireworks. We purchased a small amount and found the perfect legal place to set them off. We've set fireworks off 2 or 3 other times, but each time we've just ended up on the side of the road on what we hoped was county land. This year we scouted a couple days in advance and found a neighborhood on county land that had the roads and cul-de-sacs built out, but there were no houses for a couple of miles.  It was perfect except for the wind. It made the sparklers hard, but everything else worked just fine.  I nearly had a heart attack watching the boys with the sparklers, especially when Dean went straight for the grass multiple times. I was glad when those were done! Here's a pic. of Matt reading them a bed time story before we left since it would be so late when we got home.

Here are a few videos I took while out.

Untitled from Celia Brasfield on Vimeo.

Untitled from Celia Brasfield on Vimeo.

Walter has been speaking in sentences. Many are still fairly broken and pieced together, but he also has a lot of complete sentences. My favorite right now is, "'Ere are you going, mom?" His voice inflections make it priceless.

We started swimming lessons today with an awesome lady in our ward. Dean has this out of control fear of getting water in his face, so I think that will be our biggest hurdle. She's the perfect teacher for him, though.

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Lois said...

Robot costumes and it is not even Halloween! What a great way to keep the boys happy! Has Dean graduated to a pedal bike or is he still using the coaster bike? I loved the videos too. Thanks for posting.