Sunday, July 17, 2011

The relationship of Grace and Works

I gave a talk today in church on the relationship of grace and works. I had been working on it the last two weeks, then on Friday I was told there was a mix up and they wouldn't need me this week. Then last night at 10 I got a call from our Bishop asking if I could still give my talk because one of the other talks fell through. I was glad I had 3/4 of the talk written! I finished it up this morning before church. I absolutely love speaking in church because it gives so much more meaning and direction to my scripture study. It's also nice preparing something for adult "consumption" since I've been in the nursery so long. It was definitely the talk I've had the most people request I email to them.  I've tried to copy and paste word docs to blogger and it always gets messed up, so I turned it into a google doc that you can read if you want to click here.

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