Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer hair cuts

I've been taking the boys to private swimming lessons all week and we're making progress. Dean's progress has been very, very, painstakingly slow because of all of his fears regarding water in his face/ears/hair/floating on his belly/etc. Walter has taken right to the water and his favorite thing to do is jump off the side (without me even holding him) and come back up on his own. I've been directing him toward the wall when he comes up. We need to work on the concept of kicking his feet to propel himself, but he's a natural in the water. Anyway, our good friend Margaret is the absolute perfect teacher for Dean. She noticed that his long hair was making his water fears even worse because it would send a waterfall down his face if he got wet, so giving them summer hair cuts was our homework for the night.


Jessica Baird said...

super cute cuts! I've just started to look more carefully at little boy hair styles :) We really enjoyed swimming class this summer too and the girls also learned a lot. Yea for summer!

Ashby Family said...

I LOVE THE HAIRCUTS!!!! I'm a huge fan of short hair on boys anyway but they look GREAT and it will be much better for swimming!

Amy said...

Josh, my oldest, is also very cautious about the water and doesn't want to do much. I have to watch Mary like a hawk, though, because she is a little fish and loves the water!