Friday, April 09, 2010

Walter at 8(ish) months

Well, Walt's personality is really starting to shine. He has been babbling tons recently. It's mostly "mamamamama" and "dadadada" or "mom". Matt, my mom, and my dad all have commented that they think that his "mom" was used deliberately and specifically for me. It's always a little hard to tell, but maybe I'll claim that his first word was mom.

This kid loves food. He gets so excited at the prospect of food, and even squeals in hopeful anticipation when he sees me making Dean's Isagenix milk. Seriously. He is always disappointed when I don't give it to him. Sometimes Dean shares with him though. hehe. (Dean's very ready to give Walter anything I've told him he can't have. Electric cords, paper, granola bars. You name it.) The food pictures below were from conference. Dean was having a picnic in the living room and Walt was not about to be left out. He was very determined to get Dean's food, and he got it! He ate more of Dean's quesadilla roll up than Dean did! Surprisingly, he hasn't gained any weight since 6 months. He's still at 22 lbs. He's lengthening out though.

He gets around the room and covers some decent ground, but it's almost all scooting backwards, scooting in circles, or rolling for transportation. He's been doing these little push ups and stink bug poses a lot too. He often gets stuck under our coffee table or the stroller.

He has HORRIBLE seasonal allergies. He is horribly congested, his eyes gunk up and water like crazy. His nose is constantly running. It is just so sad to watch since I can't do anything to help him.

He has the two teeth on bottom and in the last two weeks he's had 4 pop through on top.

My birthday present to myself was to make him start sleeping through the night. He had been waking up at 11 and 3 or 4 or 5. Sometimes all of those. I have spent at least part of the night on our couch the last 3 nights. We're now down to him waking up once around 3-5 AM depending on when he goes to bed. I would really love to cut that out, even if it means he wakes up at 6:30. Dean's generally up around then anyway and that would mean I could move Walt into Dean's room. But one step at a time I guess.

He deliberately waves goodbye to daddy in the morning. Tonight when Dean was rubbing lotion all over his hands, I noticed Walter was copying Dean's hand rubbing motions. It was very cute. He really loves Dean (even if Dean periodically does a running kick to his face, or hits his head with his toy hammer, or steals his toys, or decorates him with my embroidery floss).


Erin S. said...

Hehe...sounds like Dean is playing his role of big brother quite well! :)

When Christian was younger he paid his brother $.50 to stick a Q-Tip in his ear to prove that it would come out his other ear.... yeah...that ended up with his brother having a ruptured ear drum... (Hope Dean doesn't read this later and get any ideas!)

Lois said...

I'm so glad you got pictures of Walt's push ups. It's amazing to watch that little athlete.