Monday, April 05, 2010

The little mama

Last Friday I strapped Walt to me in the ergo, and Dean, Walter, and I went into the fabric store and the library. In that one outing 4 people commented on how gigantic Walter was in comparison to me. I have a feeling it won't take long for my boys to surpass me in height. I measured Dean today and while he's not yet 2 1/2 the "he'll end up about double his height at age 2 1/2" puts him at 6 ft. Sounds reasonable. Matt's 6'2". Doesn't this picture just make me look so short? (Ok, I guess it's not the picture. I AM short.)


Lady Steed said...

I remember you wearing Walt at Christmas time and thinking " Holy cow! That kid is half the height of Celia already and he's only 5 months old!!!" I m impressed that you can still wear him in the ergo.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

The ergo is the best invention ever! I can even carry Dean in it! It holds up to 40 lbs.