Sunday, April 18, 2010

I yuv you mom (and other fun things at 2 1/2)

I am loving 2 1/2. It's got it's kinks, but the rewards right now are so wonderful.

On the harder side, we've been having some issues with bed. He won't consistently take a nap. I generally have him have an hour or so of quiet time, but he doesn't always fall asleep. (I'm learning to be ok with this.) He starts fading around 4 and is so ready for bed by 6:30/7 on the days he doesn't take a nap. Those nights the bed time routine is much harder (he insists he isn't tired but cries and flails about at every little thing and tends to be a more physically aggressive), but he falls asleep very quickly. When he does nap, it's usually for about 2 hours. The only problem with it is he won't fall asleep at night until about 9 pm! We try and still get him in his room about 7:45-8. He's in great spirits, but he ends up coming out of his room to go to the bathroom, ask me to come visit or snuggle, or other misc. excuses to get out of his bed multiple times until about 9. I think it will be nice when he can really read to himself until he's tired enough to sleep. (He's having some daddy bonding time. Surprised that it's at the computer? I'm not.)

He's really into emotions and has recently gotten on a love kick. He often tells me "I yuv you mom." and gives me huge hugs and covers me in kisses. I love it. LOVE IT. I got the book "How do I love you" from the library this week and he has really enjoyed reading it. He'll point out people in books and say if they are angry or yelling, happy, sad, hurt, etc. He's quite accurate. He likes to snuggle in the morning in his room when I tell him it's too early to really get up (anything before 6:30 is too early!).

He speaks in full sentences. He can verbalize almost anything. Some examples of frequent phrases include: "Where dat come from?" (It was soooo funny when he asked that about a large painting at church. He points to it and asks, "Where dat picture come from mom?"), "What dat for?", "What izzat?", "Where's [grandma and grandpa] is?", "Dat just right for Dean.", "Dat cute for Dean.", (In a panicked voice) "Where's mommy is at?", "Dean was very, very sad in nursery. You no yike nursery." (He can say THat and Like when I say it and he repeats, but he takes the quick/easy way out most of the time with those.) "Where's that guy going?" "Dean gastracting (distracting) Walter" and "You no gunjoy (enjoy) your helmet."

He's really, really good with the mouse. He can navigate the computer amazingly for a 2 1/2 year old. He figured out how to get to the purchased trial games on all on his own and was sad and confused when his 15 day trial ended. He is only allowed to watch 3 shows on PBS (Curious George, Sid the Science Kid, and Super Why) in the morning when I'm getting ready and/or putting Walt to bed. In the afternoon when I'm cooking dinner he generally ends up watching a DVD from the library or playing on

He LOVES being outside and has recently decided he can go out there (in the front!!!) whenever he feels like it. He's an escape artist. He knows how to get all the child handles off doors, open garage doors, unlock all locks, etc. We are going to put in high latches on the door this week hopefully. That and get a playset for the back yard to entice him back there instead of the front. We've even had two neighbors comment to us on it. I don't want anyone calling DES son me (but I especially don't want anything bad to happen to him!).

He likes to spontaneously "ex-a-size". "Dean doing those ex-a-sizes." His exercises often include sit-ups, jogging (stroller and elmo included), stretching, riding his bike, and stair steps. He's also made up his own exercises on the bathroom vanity where he lifts his legs off of his stool while holding the sink and then puts himself back down.

I love my little boy.


Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Does anyone have audio on these? I'm sad because it's so cute how he says he's stretching. I edited the video and I hope I didn't edit out the audio!

ashlee said...

I didn't get the audio but watching him is still so cute. I love to 2 1/2. Emery's, my 2 1/2 yr old, new saying is "That's not bery (very) nice." When I tell her no or when she gets in trouble. Then I immediatly start laughing and all discipline goes out the window