Tuesday, April 06, 2010

La Santa Semana (Or Semana Santa if you want me to have correct grammar) : Loaded with Pictures!

My parents were here the week leading up to Easter. We had a great time with them here. They got here late one night, so when Dean made his way to my room in the morning, he had a little surprise waiting for him in the living room. I heard him talking to my parents, and as I came out he was climbing into bed with them to "snuggle a little bit". It's been 8 months since he's seen them, so I was glad he took right to them again. They brought a fun little bunny that sang, tapped it's foot, and wiggled it's ears. They boys loved it.

We didn't do tons in the way of activities while they were here. Mainly we just did normal things like watching Dean ride his bike, go to parks, and the like, but that's really what my parents were here to do. Just spend time with us.

They left for a few days to go to Houston to visit friends. While they were gone, Dean kept asking, "Where grandma and grandpa is?" We were happy to have them come back in time for Conference and Easter.

Dean was excited to show grandma his "beautiful eggs" that we dyed. And we had a quick egg hunt during a song in the afternoon session of Conference. He didn't get tons of candy from the Easter bunny this year. It was just the right amount to consume all at once, feel like he got a lot of sugar, but not have the gorge last for days and days.

We had 2 Easter dinners. On Saturday we had the ham, crash hot potatoes (red and sweet...YUM!), roasted asparagus, and salad. On Sunday we had Israeli Couscous with grilled vegetables and Mediterranean Chicken Satays. I'd hoped to make pitas and hummus and a few other Mediterranean dishes, but with 2 little ones, conference, and company I decided to keep it simple. It was nice.

It was sad to have them go. We just wish we lived closer than a 14 hour drive! We'll see them again in July for our family reunion. I'm grateful they're such dedicated parents/grandparents. They really try to see every child and grandchild at least once a year. With 7 kids and 20 grandkids spread across the country (from AZ to NY!) that's a real feat! We love you guys!


Him, Her & The Wee One said...

I always like seeing old friend's parents... yours haven't changed a whole lot in the last decade or so!

Jessica Baird said...

super cute boys! Its always so fun to have grandparents come.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...
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Lindsay said...

Looks like fun! It's always fun when the grandparents can come for a visit.

(Garrett has that same dirt shirt. I love it!)

Lois said...

We enjoyed being with your family so much! Thanks for all of the pictures and the videos. You probably should do a video of Dean playing Curious George on the computer. I was amazed as he did a puzzle using a drag and click technique. Mom