Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ain't that somethin'

I started off my "new life" today with a bang. Walt had one of his worst night's sleep EVER last night. I got myself to bed by 10:35 and was able to fall asleep before 11 even though Matt had a hockey game to watch and wasn't with me. Then starting about 12 or 1 Walt woke up about every hour or so. And then at 4 something he decided he was up for the day. He's never done that. We let him talk it out for awhile, I tried to feed him, we let him scream for awhile, Matt rocked him, we let him scream a little more and just as I got up to rock/feed him about 6, I hear Dean crying and walking toward our room telling us to turn the light on. He's never done that. I tried to tell him it wasn't time to get up yet. I tried to coax him into bed with Dad even. But no, he just wanted to sit with me as I was trying to get Walt back asleep. By 6:30 I gave up and took both boys out so Matt could sleep a little.

Then as I was running later this morning, there was a short part I had to run on unpaved ground. My foot caught a hole and buckled under me. I didn't think it was that bad. It didn't hurt much and I even ran home on it. The majority of the day it felt very minor. And then around 4 I tried putting shoes on to go run errands. Ouch! And from there it's just gotten progressively worse. I have to limp and it's kind of difficult to cart Walt around on it.

Ah well. Such is life. At least crazy Celia didn't make an appearance today despite the obstacles.

As for my injury and exercising, well, I'm hoping I can do yoga on it. If not I guess I'll get a start on my killer abs and leg lifts till it gets better. =)

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Lindsay said...

Caleb's been doing the same thing lately -- up over and over all night long. It's so frustrating, especially when I was just starting to think that he was moving beyond that stage. Maybe it's a growth spurt? Or the little cold he picked up from Garrett is making him uncomfortable? Whatever it is, I hope it stops soon. And I hope that Walt doesn't make this a regular habit for your sake!