Thursday, November 05, 2009


Recently I've been trying to figure out how to make my life work like I want it to. I've pretty much given up watching tv in the evenings. I really ought to ban myself from the computer, but I tell you, I feel too isolated that way. I do not like being alone or feeling alone that much. And I do think that blogging is good most of the time since it serves as my journal. There are other time wasters that could be cut out, though.

We're now entering the busiest part of the year where there's almost always a project I need or want to do. I'm currently trying to wrap up Walt's baby announcements. I have the pictures (I really love the picture I decided on) and the cards are mostly finished. I'm only doing 30, and I have a large family, so please don't feel offended if you only get the digital version here on my blog after I've mailed the originals! I figure I should probably get them out before he weighs 20 lbs. (he's at 19 now so I better hurry!!). =) He's almost 3 times his birth weight at 3 months! (a lady at the park yesterday asked how old he was and promptly said, "Wow! He's a hoss!!!" after hearing 3 mo. hehe. southerners.)

After that I have:
  • Thanksgiving to plan and execute.
  • fabric ornaments to make. I think I'm going to try to make a fabric partridge and some pears for our tree this year. And maybe some balls. The inspiration came from here.
  • a fabric tree garland, inspiration found here.
  • Christmas cards. I found one from last year that I started and never finished. I liked it better than I remember liking it at the time so maybe I'll run with it...
  • gifts to plan. Possibly some fabric food. Maybe some animals.
  • Christmas music to find. My selection is far too sparse, and I think Dean will really enjoy Christmas music. Any favorite albums?
  • Baked goods for neighbors and friends. I've never done this and I think I really ought to this year. Caroling and goody plates were some of the best parts of the Christmas season growing up. Not that I could convince Matt to go caroling with me.
Those are just my seasonal items. I really want to cut down on my [wasted] time online and focus more on scripture reading and conference reading as well. I also know I should spend some time looking over what I spend and possibly look into the world of couponing for our groceries. I know I really ought to because you can save a bundle. Lots and lots of my friends are hard core couponers, so I just need to have some training I think. It really just makes my skin crawl just thinking about it, though.

So, if I'm a little sparse, you at least know what I'm up to...


Lindsay said...

You are right: our lives are eerily similar. I'm slowly coming out of the newborn haze and am trying to get back some control of my life. I'm doing that mostly by cleaning and organizing rather than embarking on crafty projects (those can come later). One of these days maybe the chaos will lessen.

I can't believe Walt is 19 lbs! Whoa nelly! He's a cutie, though. I just mailed out Caleb's birth announcements. I'm so excited with how they turned out. After I give it a few days for the originals to reach the family I sent them to, I think I'll share them on my blog for the everyone else who didn't get one personally. Can't wait to see Walt's!

Amanda said...

Good luck. I am trying to remember when I gave up on doing projects--any projects--just to survive. Maybe kid #3? You are so talented, so I'm glad that you still find time to do the things that you love.

If you don't get around to making the fabric ornaments, I found a ton of wonderful unbreakable ornaments at JoAnn's about 5 years ago that were either plastic but didn't look it, or metal, like jingle bells. I let Ethan take off the ornaments and redecorate all that he wanted, and he loved it.

Lois said...

ditto on coupons. They really only save you money if they are on food that you really would have bought anyway.

Your projects are amazing. I really thought this would all come to an end with Walt's birth, so congratulations on having a life! Now that is a priority!

Lois said...

I really notice that I really use the word really a lot. Sorry! :}

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

I have given up some things. I stopped doing the cooking challenges I was doing. This is just what I want to get done. Not sure if it really will...