Friday, February 13, 2009

Some days just flop, and that's ok

Yesterday was quite the difficult day. I carried Dean pretty much the entire day because he couldn't even crawl much. I was exhausted. An exploratory toddler who weighs 23 lbs. is quite different to lug around than an 8 lb newborn. I had a horrible headache by the end of the day. I was feeling sick and by 5:30 both Dean and I were bawling. Matt helped get dinner together (thank heavens my menu item was something he's better at anyway!) while I got Dean ready for bed.

I had grand plans for my valentine's day treats (we don't do gifts, so the food is pretty important to me) and I needed to start by making my traditional cheesecake last night. I tried to rush it so I could be done by my bedtime, so I didn't let my cream cheese come to room temp. before mixing Big mistake. It made my batter lumpy, I ended up over beating it to compensate, and it didn't cook quite right because of it. I didn't try the cheesecake until today. It tastes ok and will actually work for it's part in the V-day treats (it's going in the ice cream), but it is (in the brutally honest words of Matt after trying) "by far the worst cheesecake [I've] ever made." The consistency is kind of gritty rather than silky smooth like it should be. It is my 6th or 7th year making cheesecake, so it was really disappointing to have it turn out sub par. By bedtime I was beyond exhausted, but what do you know, I couldn't fall asleep. That was the second night in a row I had to move to the couch around 1 am to get to sleep.

I was so happy that today was a new day! Dean was in a much better mood and he was able to crawl from the get go. He actually woke up happy after his nap. I think that's the first time since we switched to 1 nap. He was in such a funny mood and we pretty much just laughed at each other for being silly about 40 min.! By the late afternoon I coaxed him into trying to walk while holding my hands, and he was able to walk a little with just a slight limp. I'm thinking he should be walking normally by Sunday or Monday. I also felt better despite not having as much sleep as I would have liked, so that was good. Not only that, we got the long awaited call that our furniture was in and ready to be delivered. Hooray! I posted our living room furniture on Craigslist's free stuff section and sent and email to my ward and had 5 responses within the first half hour. A battered women's shelter picked it up tonight, so we don't have much in the way of seating until next Tuesday. (I hope I don't have insamnia between now and then!) Either tomorrow or Monday I will clean our carpets and then sometime on Tuesday we will have a new look.

It's so exciting. Today was a good day. Hopefully that means the strawberry custard ice cream I'm making tonight will turn out better than my cheesecake last night! (Here's to hoping, right?)


Th. said...


(Hoping with you.)

Kristeee said...

I'm always glad to go to bed on such days, with the hope that the fresh start of the next morning will be a precursor to an excellent day.

That's sad about your cheesecake; hopefully the ice cream turns out splendidly anyways.

CASSIE said...

Poor little guy...that makes me so sad!

Erin S. said...

I still say the cheesecake tasted good! Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

I have almost been agourmet cook at some times in my life (not nearly as much as you, but I have gone through pretty good cooking phases), but I pretty much completely give up when I am pregnant. Anything to do with food makes me sick, even thinking about it to plan menus. During my last pregnancy, we survived on chicken tortilla soup, spaghetti, tacos, pasta roni, and leftovers that cannon brought home from work.

So be proud of yourself for even trying!!! And let yourself simplify if it makes you happier.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

So, this was actually the first year that we got food out on V-day! I had planned on making something, but after all my dessert stuff I just didn't have much more to bring to the table (literally!). So we got Chinese and watched a movie. It was nice to simplify a little.