Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Yesterday Matt said, "Wow! Your belly looks huge in that shirt. You're going to be gigantic this time!" I did not take offense one bit. My belly, at 15 weeks, is (or at least seems) as big as it was at 20 weeks last time. However, the rest of my body is smaller than last time. I'm still just under my starting weight with Dean. In addition to our 2 trips to doctors for Dean today I went to my monthly check up. Up to 133. So, 2 lbs this past month. Not bad considering my belly seems to have tripled in size. (I'll post a picture next week to keep it on my "every 4 weeks" schedule.)

Dean sometimes calls for Matt by name. If we are in another room and he wants his dad, he will yell "Matt! Matt! Matt!" I guess I do call for Matt a lot by name when we are in other rooms.

Dean has an impeccable sense of direction. When we leave our house in the car, he is quite unhappy when we turn right rather than left. The park is left, you see. I think he could find his way to the park a 1/2 mile away all by himself! That wouldn't ever happen, though, because he won't set foot out our door without someone else. He doesn't like playing without an audience. He doesn't always need us to actually play with him, but he does need someone to pay attention to him. (And folding laundry or reading a book do not count as paying attention to him!)

Yesterday after Dean's nap he was crying inconsolably for about 10 min. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I thought he was just not feeling well because of a new tooth that poked through. Maybe that was part of it. However, after about 10 min. he walked over to the stroller and started patting it and waving. I said, "Do you want to get in the stroller?" and he broke out into a huge grin. It was raining on and off all day yesterday, so he was lucky enough that it just stopped. I asked, "Do you want to go to the park?" and he started laughing and nodding his head. I put him in the stroller while I got my shoes on, but I decided it would be best to drive because of the possible rain. We had about 10 min. of swing time before the rain hit hard again.

We'll see if he loves the park as much as he did before he hurt his foot. When he went to bed tonight he still couldn't put much pressure on it. He was able to stand holding onto something for a little bit. He would stand on his right leg and hover his left just off the ground. He kept trying to walk, but cried every time he set pressure on. I still feel so bad. I hope it's much better tomorrow morning after having all night to rest it.

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Juls said...

Even though my weight is technically the same as the other babies, I feel A LOT bigger. Like I have never been this big EVER! Good luck!