Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gift set: check

I've really been trying to finish one project before I start another project. I learned over Christmas that I really need to be interested/invested in the project to begin with, and I need to pick projects that take less than a month. My latest finished project is a baby gift set for my sister who's due in the beginning of March. The wrap blanket, tag blanket, and 2 burp rags. (I'll them in the mail tomorrow J.)


Jodi said...

That really is adorable! You are very talented!

Melissa said...

Celia!! It was great to see your comment. It's been a long time! You are so creative! Congrats on the baby. I was super sick with my daughter, not so much with my boys...maybe you're having a girl! keep blogging girl!

Juls said...

oh too cute! You are too much!