Friday, January 09, 2009

Well, that didn't last long

We've had 2 nights now with no nursing. The first night was bad, but not horrible. He cried about a half hour and slept fairly restlessly. He woke up once or twice in the middle of the night for a few seconds. The next night he didn't cry at all, but he did talk to himself about 10 min. He seemed to sleep well, but he did wake up at 6:50. So much for the 13 hours of sleep. I guess I'll have to settle for 12. hehe.

It seems to be messing with his napping though. I mean, it's 1pm and he still hasn't taken 1 nap. (update: it's 1:15 and he's at least stopped making noise. He's either asleep or very close...) We had been doing 2 a day. One mid-morning (about 9:30-10 depending on when he woke up) , and one mid-afternoon. But yesterday after we got home at 11:30 from my doctor's apt. I tried putting him down. He laid there and talked/cried until 12:30 before he fell asleep! This morning I tried putting him down at 10:30 since he didn't seem tired before then, and he whined for almost an hour. I tried doing yoga but didn't get through my whole routine. I can't stand doing it while he's crying. So no nap this morning for him and no shower this morning for me. And I'm NOT going in to get him until he's slept this afternoon!! I just hope it doesn't take him forever to fall asleep.

I guess it's time for a shower...

So, when you transition to 1 nap, what time do you guys prefer putting your kids down? And how in the heck do you get showered and ready?? I've been doing it during his first nap.


Ashby Family said...

Andrew goes down at 10 or 10:30 for his one nap, and...getting ready?? I didn't realize that people did that.
Sometimes I shower while Hailey is at preschool and Andy is taking a nap. sometimes I'll just pull some toys in the bathroom for andrew if he's awake. I usually shower in the evening when the hubby is home.

good luck.

marzy dotes said...

I like to put the kids down after lunch. I think when I first switched Mia over we started eating lunch a little bit earlier - around 11 or so. Luckily both of my kids take really long naps.

As far as a shower goes - with Pay, I used to put him in an exersaucer (love those!!) just outside the bathroom while I showered. Now that they are both a little older, I just let them entertain themselves while I take a really quick shower - and I do sometimes let Pay watch a cartoon while I am showering. Makes things a lot easier.

Good luck, once you figure it out things will be a lot smoother than you think.

-Laura- said...

Spencer goes down right after lunch - about 12:30. When he was still little I'd just stick a few toys in the bathroom and let him play while I showered. When he would finally sit down and watch "Baby Signing Time" for 10 minutes straight, I'd run to the shower and try to beat his 10 minute attention span. :) Good luck!

Lindsay said...

It sounds like Dean's just outgrowing the 2 naps a day in favor of one. Garrett's been working on that transition since about his first birthday, and for the last couple months he's been a one nap a day boy, with only a few exceptions (like if he didn't sleep well the night before or if he's sick). At first I thought this new schedule was more upsetting to my own schedule (my shower time was also in jeopardy, and let's not mention all the chores I had to find different times to do now that he wasn't asleep as much), but actually I like the new situation better. It opens up more time when we can be out of the house, which is nice. To get a shower in, I take one in that space of time between Blake's shower and his departure for work. It often means getting up a little earlier, but I've adjusted. To me, a shower before noon is worth it. Sometimes, though, I've had success just plopping him in his crib with a few toys while I'm shower. I always run the risk of him freaking out thinking that he has to take a nap when he doesn't, so I usually opt to take one before Blake leaves for work. Anyway, if Dean is anything like Garrett, he'll still occasionally want 2 naps on an off for a month or two, but either way, good luck with the transition. I think mom's need as much time to get used to something new as their children do!

Tom and Audrie said...

I put mine down right after lunch and then they still go down for bed okay. As far as getting ready...either before they wake up, bring toys in the bathroom and let them play while you shower quickly or if they watch tv at all sit them in front of it. Good Luck.

CASSIE said...

Oh! Its so sad at first isn't it? Sorry I have been behind on my blogging. I am in NY with Nessa. Ranan takes one mid-morn 1 hour nap and one mid afternoon 1 hour nap and sleeps from 8-7:30 at night. He is def not a napper. One hour on the dot...thats it! He'll slowly adjust to the changes. Just wait till he shows signs of tiredness, then try it- otherwise, don't force it. He'll sleep when he is tired enough.

holly shaw said...

Showers are when kids are entertained for a little while I think the showers get easier when they are older. Be careful when you shower and have a new baby I used to bring my oldest two in the bathroom with me just so i could keep an eye on the baby

Lesley said...

Lily gave up her morning nap at Deans age. I put her down now between 1 and 2 and she sleeps for 2-3 hours. I still get ready in the morning. Her room is totally baby proof and all her toys are in there. She entertains herself in there or the pack and play while I shower. As soon as I am done I let her come in the bathroom with me and she just plays with her tub toys.. I don't know that is what works for us!

Anonymous said...

My kids have never taken 2 naps. They have always taken a 1/5-2hr nap right after lunch. By about 2yrs, all my kids stopped napping. They sleep a generous 12-14 hrs a night, which is really nice! When my kids were younger, showers happened only when dad was around or if I took them into the bathroom with me. Now that my kids are older, it's not so much a big deal. But, I remember my oldest giving me a hard time every time I tried to shower. He was usually screaming the entire time (at the top of his lungs, might I add). He would usually sob uncontrollably for an hour after I finished. I am so glad that stage is over! Now, I just shower at night after the kids go to bed or wake up early (with the kids' breakfast waiting on the table). Many times I will take my 2yo in the shower with me and let her play in the 'tickle water'. She loves it. Good luck with the changes. Adjusting usually only takes a week or two, just hang in there.

Erin said...

Anna transitioned to one nap quite awhile ago. I'm super impressed that Dean has lasted with two for this long! Anna goes down at 11-11:30. It works great because when she wakes up she eats really well.

I'm totally with Ashby on the getting ready thing. Somedays its just impossible. But if we have to be somewhere, I put her in her booster, give her breakfast or some snacks and put her in front of the Disney channel. I'm telling you, it's all about the TV. I can run and take a quick shower with her just doing her own thing when the TV is on.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Thanks for all the comments.

Lindsay, you are quite right it scares me to have my routine messed up. The other thing that scares me about going to 1 nap is I'm really afraid it's going to end up being only a 1 hour nap and then he'll end up being grumpy during my piano lessons later in the day.

As for "he'll sleep when he needs", I've never found that to be true with him. We had to totally teach/train him to sleep because he was more like "I'll sleep when I am totally exhausted and I can't physically keep my eyes open anymore." Once we trained him onto a good schedule, he's done pretty well. I just need to find a new schedule that will work.

I imagine it will end up being right after lunch and have an earlier lunch.

I like to exercise in the morning, especially if it's nice weather and I can take him out for a jog/walk. If I don't exercise in the morning, I just don't do it, no matter how pure my intentions are at the beginning of the day. So, showering at night is out.

Also, showering with him in the tub would be out because it freaks him out to have any sort of water dropping on his head. However, I can probably just let him play outside the shower until he's older and can be distracted by the TV. I'm sure it will all work out well enough. I just like hearing what works for others.

the penrods said...

I don't shower anymore.

Just kidding.

If I can't wait to shower until Clara's nap (she goes down anytime from 12:30 - 2:30 depending on when she woke up, what we're doing, etc.), I put her in the excersaucer (she's 2, mind you) right by the shower and give her snacks or something to do. I've let her just "play" once or twice and last time she dumped lotion out. She's too curious to be left alone that long. Now that she's older, she LOVES to take a shower with me. I have her "draw" in the steam on the glass or just let her play with empty soap bottles.

Jacqui said...

Lize, 15 mos, now only naps once per day, but sleeps like champ from about 6:30 or 7 p.m. for at least 12-13 hours. I put her down around 12-12:30 for a nap, and she sleeps for 2-3 hours, uually closer to 2.

Getting ready with a non-napper is a challenge. I agree with a lot of people who have suggested putting him in a crib or letting him crawl around the bathroom. Another thing I did for a long time (out of necessity) was strap Ethan in a high chair and turn on Baby Einstein. He couldn't go anywhere, so I knew he was safe, and he was entertained. A pack-n-play works, too.

A friend once told me that no baby ever died from crying. I try to keep that in mind when I need to get something done, even though it's always hard for me to listen to them cry.

holly said...

I've been catching up on reading blogs while on vacation, so I know this is a little late but congratulations on the pregnancy. As for the napping situation. I think Dean will sleep for more than an hour. I put Caden down at 1 and he usually sleeps until 3 or 3:30. Good luck with the transition.