Friday, January 23, 2009

Minima"izing" again

Well, for the few who still come to the blog rather than use a reader, you've probably noticed the format change once again. I was getting a little frustrated with the 3 column because it just seemed too crowded and I couldn't get my main wrapper centered on a larger screen than my own. So, I decided to clean up my links and keep it a little more manageable with the blogger updates. Since I only have the 5 most recent posts showing per category, I can reasonably keep my links to one side. Back to my minima stretch. I like the clean look better anyway. I did keep my categories because I like everything compartmentalized and in their proper place. hehe. I also renamed most of the sites to the first names (or blognyms) of the blog writer rather than the name of the blog. Any thoughts or complaints?

1 comment:

Kristeee said...

I like it. And I love the banner, too.