Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ring in the New

2009 already?

We were the lamest people for New Year's Eve. Matt watched Dog the Bounty Hunter (LAME), I started Anne of Windy Poplars, and Dean slept. But the New Year came all the same.

Dean and I caught colds in Snowflake, so we've been coughing up a storm. I knew he was cutting his top and bottom molars on one side, but I just found out today he is also cutting the top and bottom molars on the other side too! 4 molars at once. That could explain all the howling last night before bed. I just thought he was having a hard time readjusting to our house and time zone. He's also had diarrhea and a horrible rash. I think it must be from the teething, though it's never happened before. Poor kid. I was going to start weaning for good today, but I just can't when he's sick on both ends!!

I kicked off the New Year this morning with a rigorous cleaning of my living room and kitchen. Too bad things don't stay squeaky clean more than a couple hours!!

I don't think I set New Year's Resolutions last year, but I think I ought to give it a go this year.

  1. Don't leave the dishes undone more than 1 night a week. (I've been pretty good about this, but I can feel my desire to slack off after my nice long vacation.) Also, mop, dust and vacuum more frequently.
  2. Try menu planning once again. At least for 1 month and then evaluate the effectiveness. I'm going to try to plan the whole month and stick to it. I hate having to think up a new menu every week. I also hate sticking to a menu, but it really does take a lot of stress off me if I can do it.
  3. Figure out a good time of day to exercise and stick to it. I'm going for 5 days a week. This will probably require a new video or two. I started out this pregnancy about 10-15 lbs. lighter than when I got pregnant with Dean (the lightest I've been my entire adult life I think! Nursing worked wonders for me.) and I want to stay healthy throughout it!! It makes for a much easier recovery.
  4. Figure out how to work more veggies into Dean's diet. Once his molars are completely in it should be a little easier...hopefully.
  5. Try and at least put some effort into keeping track of our budget. I usually just try and pretend we don't have money, but I know I've gotten a little more spendy than I used to be. I can do better. Especially in the food category. I need to get into better habits before I cut back my piano students this fall!


Jodi said...

I am glad to hear I am not the only one who struggles with what veggies to feed a baby/young toddler. They all seem to hard, so I figure I have to go with frozen or canned and that can be a pain, I perfer to use the fresh stuff.

Happy New Year!

CASSIE said...

Once again...our lives are far to parallel. Ranan...cutting his molars, and with cutting teeth- the runs for the first time. And ALL your {resolutions}, MINE to the T!! Nursing did wonders for me as well, for sure the lightest I have been in my adult/probably high school life. I think that is part of the reason I have a hard time weaning...a little vain I suppose, but I haven't blimped its stayed off for a month! Happy New Year!