Saturday, January 24, 2009

Don't throw your trash in my backyard

Our weather has been vacillating between delightful (70's) and cold (thankfully not much colder than freezing). On the nice days I've tried to leave the door open for a little to get some fresh air in the house. Dean decided the outside needed a little sprucing up to make it homier.

After I finished cleaning up in the kitchen I looked over and found this:

Our recycle bin is right next to the backdoor. While I try and hit home that he's not supposed to play in the trash, he's still obsessed. Luckily he rarely tries to get stuff out of the real trash and mainly sticks to the recycling. He has also figured out how to get things out of drawers (the pumpkin scraper) and has been a fan of the few unlocked cupboards (where he got the cheese grater).

I also found the sippy that had gone missing the day before.

Later, when we went to the front, he just couldn't resist the shoes by the front door.

I just couldn't resist that face. I let him take a couple pictures pushing the button on his own. This was the only one that turned out.


marzy dotes said...

Ha ha ha!! It is funny the things they do when you take your eye off of them for a minute. At least it wasn't someone else throwing their trash in your backyard. :)

Kristeee said...

"Fish and chips and vinegar..."

I figured you were inviting us all to sing along. :)

Looks like little Dean's having a fun time!

Amanda said...

It is amazing what toddlers do when the mama is a little more tired than usual. Keeping your eyes on him every second just isn't really possible anymore, is it?

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Marzy, so true!

Kristeee, I nearly put fish and chips on my menu this week so I could put that up as a title post!

Amanda, I kinda knew he was doing it, just not to what extent. I'd rather he do that than hang on my leg crying while I try and get something done!