Saturday, January 31, 2009

The emergence of two word sentences

I just thought I'd make a note saying that Dean's been using a few two word sentences the last few weeks. "Get up." "Hi Dad." and "Hi Dean." (in the mirror). His vocab is definitely increasing as well (both understood and spoken).

He doesn't have a ton of nonsensical babble, but he seems to be very deliberate in his speech. He thinks it's pretty funny when I try and teach him new sounds and words.

Things he can say (or tries to say and I know what he means because he's usually mimicking me), not including the old things he already knew:
  • Walk (WWWWWAAH)
  • Watch (WA) (Always wants to play with mine)
  • Rock (WAAc) haha. Yeah, they're mostly the same word, but he uses them contextually. Rock refers to the rocking chair or ottoman when he wants to "Ge' up" and "WAA."
  • Grape (Gway)
  • Book
  • Duck
  • Quack
  • Hoohoo haha (monkey sound)
  • Vacuum (Wac)
  • Nonononono (The few times he's said this, it's been to tell himself he shouldn't be doing what he's doing!)
  • Hi (he used to say it "ha", but now it has a very clear dipthong.) The other day at the grocery store he was on my hip with his head on my shoulder since he was tired. The cashier said, "Hi, how are you today?" Immediately Dean whipped around and clearly said, "HI!" It was very cute.
  • Truck (Guck) This term is used for most vehicals, but he gets extremely excited and repeats it over and over when he sees semi-trucks and school buses.
Almost every time I ask him a question with recognizable voice inflections, he'll shake his head no, even if the real answer is yes. He's answered "yes" once or twice, but not often.

We've been working on body parts since Christmas, and he almost always points to the following correctly (though he can't say them):
  • Eyes (usually shuts them)
  • Head
  • Toes
  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Tongue (He's been really into his tongue lately. Sometimes I'll catch him looking in mirrors or windows or reflective metal just sticking his tongue out. This actually makes me happy because he didn't even try to stick his tongue out after his z-plasty for nearly 6 months!)
  • Belly button (he loves to try and find my belly button as well)
When I ask him to give me a kiss, he turns his cheek for me to kiss it. haha.

Also, he loves to point at airplanes overhead. There are lots of them since we're so close to DFW.

And lastly, when I was in Snowflake for Christmas I decided to keep one of my old teddy bears. I am usually not sentimental about things, but for some reason I wanted to have this one. I have been sleeping with it at night (it fits nicely under my new little belly). Dean LOVES it. It's nearly as big as he is. He gives it a hug nearly every morning when I set him on our bed to say hi to daddy.

PS. I nearly forgot. Ok I did forget. One of his favorite games right now is ring around the rosie. He'll spin in circles while I sing until he's so dizzy he falls over. If I don't notice he's started twirling and start singing he'll make it known! On a similar note (literally!), he thinks it's super funny for me to start singing a high note when he throws his head backward. When he puts it upright I stop. He loves that game. He also loves swinging and is very sad when we drive by the park and don't stop!


Kristeee said...

Wow, what a smart little boy! It has to be so fun to be able to communicate better with him, and to have it work both ways! It's funny that he tells himself "no" for doing things he shouldn't do.

Lindsay said...

Garrett gives very similar kisses. When I ask him to give me one, he offers me his forehead. Though, yesterday, for the first time, I asked him to give me a kiss and he came at my lips with his wide open mouth. Slobbery, but sweet.