Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Dreaded 1 year Check up

Well, we just got home from the dreaded 1 year check up. I put it off a week because Grandma and Grandpa were here last week for his birthday, and I didn't want him all feverish from the shots while they were here.

He's ahead of schedule in his motor development. He was really well behaved and was showing off his walking skills on the table. This was the quickest visit we've had yet. In and out in 1/2 hour. Despite the fact that he had more shots (4 total), he actually stopped crying much quicker. He loved the bubble gum flavored tylenol and happily sucked on the little push dropper thing all the way home. Hopefully he doesn't get too achy, cranky or feverish with the MMR and chicken pox shots.

Here is a comparison from his 9 mo. to 12 mo. check ups.
9 month stats:
Weight at 9 mo.: 18 lbs 6 oz (11%)
Length at 9 mo.: 28.5 in. (48%)
Head circumference at 9 mo.: 17 3/4 in. (36%)

12 month stats:
Weight at 12 mo.: 19 lbs 8 oz (6%)
Length at 12 mo.: 30.25 in. (60%)
Head circ. at 12 mo.: 18 in. (27%)

So, she kept saying how most breast fed babies slow down in weight gain around this time, especially after weaning, and that's she's not too worried (though it used to really worry her until she noticed all breast fed babies were the same). She said I should try and work in high fat foods such as avocados (it is one of the few foods he HATES) and milk. He's not really taken a liking to the milk much the few times I've given it to him (except after the spicy ramen), but maybe I'll put a scant scoop of Isagenix chocolate mix in it when I really try and wean. He LOVES Isagenix shakes. I would have no reservations about weaning if I could wean him to Isagenix.

I think that there ought to be 2 growth scales until about age 2. One for formula fed babies and one for breast fed babies. He doesn't look scrawny to me, just lean, and he's happy and as healthy as can be.

I mean, just look at this video:

This a small glimpse at what he's like now-a-days:
  • Quite a happy little fellow. I just can't resist his giggles when I'm tickling him. Charms the pants off people when we're in public.
  • Just the last few days he has been putting his head down into the somersault position. I'll help him do one and he thinks it's great fun.
  • He loved the Tonka dump truck he got for his birthday. He likes loading it up full and dumping it all out.
  • He likes to push the cart at the grocery store and will only stay in his seat if I'm feeding him snacks.
  • He's fascinated with wheels, trash cans, and the fire place! Just today he pulled out a rotten banana from the trash, ripped the top off and started eating it. I knew he was into something when I heard "mmmmm. mmmm." (the yum sound) from the kitchen.
  • He likes to open and close doors and lids.
  • He tries to plug back in all the plugs he takes out (usually the phone. So if you call and it just rings incessantly, it's probably because the phone's unplugged).
  • Teeth number 9 and 10 are so close to popping through the skin on his bottom left!
  • While the grandparents were here, we discovered that he loves pretzels, apples, and grapes. He went crazy for grandma's grapes. (Yes, I cut them all in halves or thirds!)
  • Still taking 2 naps. Usually around 9 and 1. Still sleeping about 12 hours at night.
  • Loves water, Isagenix shakes, and juice (the rare times I give it to him). Doesn't care much for whole milk by itself.
  • Eats 3 meals a day and snacks. Usually something like oatmeal (real oatmeal...I make some for me and give him part) with yogurt or applesauce mixed in, or cottage cheese, or buttered toast and 1/2 a yogurt for breakfast. Lunch and dinner he eats something like a half of a bean burrito (or just the beans and cheese) and some sort of fruit or sweet potatoes or toast with a cheese stick and green beans. He eats puffs, crackers, pretzels, and raisins as snacks during the day.
  • He still breastfeeds before both his naps and when he wakes up and goes to bed for the night.
  • I've only tried giving him little bits of chicken twice. Both times he didn't like it. I'll try meat again in a little bit.
  • When we're in the car he waves to us in his mirror. It's so cute. Often a double handed wave.
  • He always asks for music when we're eating in the kitchen.
  • He's much better at entertaining himself, except when I'm trying to cook. He can't stand me ignoring him when we're in the kitchen. He'll hold onto my leg the whole time and try and follow me while complaining every step I make.
  • He is quite good at walking now. He can stand up on his own now without holding onto anything. He's an explorer.
  • All personality.


the penrods said...

Hey Celia... I just had to throw in my comment about breast fed babies and "the charts". Clara got lower and lower on the charts for weight the older she got (I think at 18 months she was 7th percentile or something). I think it was her 9 month appointment my dr. told me to start weaning her and feeding her more solids. I said, no thanks, and Clara has grown and thrived JUST FINE! She's scrawny, but my mom's babies were all scrawny too. My mom and I totally agree that there should be two charts! Dean certainly looks healthy to me.

CASSIE said...

I can't believe how much "older" he looks as he is walking around...he is a pro! Thats awesome! Ranan still prefers to crawl-- he'll usually only walk to something (about 8 steps is all) if he is DYING to have it, or from couch to couch...he new favorite snack is grapes to! He'll make himself sick eating so many!

Jodi said...

Don't worry about the charts, I figure everyone has to be somewhere, so it isn't odd, each kid grows differently and you and Matt aren't big people either.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

I don't worry about the charts. My doctor does way more than I do. I just think they're skewed so that breastfed babies are going to look like they're not thriving, which I think is not true.

Lindsay said...

It looks like he's growing up beautifully! He does a lot of the same things Garrett's been doing. I think it'd be hilarious if they ever met up and got to play with each other...they'd either have a ball, or get really frustrated that the other one is stealing the show. :)

amyjane said...

I just read the other day that a growth chart for nursing babies and toddlers is in the works and set to be released soon--can't wait!

Ballard said...

I have to say that the charts are messed up for formula babies too. Isabel has been a formula baby and she has been in the 10-6% the whole time. Then about the time she started walking she dropped big time. She is not even on the charts right now. They keep telling me that I need to do weight check ups, but she is fine. She is just so active and never stops. I think it just happens to babies when they start walking and become active. You know that he is healthy so don't worry.

Juls said...

Well I had two VERY BIG breast fed babies! David and Sarah doubled their birth weight by 2 months. Whereas, Becca didn't double her birth weight until she was about 9 months. I fed them ALL the same milk. It is just how they are born.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

J, Dean doubled his birth weight by 2 months also. Until 4 mo. he was on the high end of the charts. Once he started moving more and sleeping through the night without feeding, he just stopped putting on weight. The Bras(s) family has pretty skinny kids though. High metabolisms. I'm guessing Dean's like them. I'm pretty sure kids do burn through breast milk faster than formula, though.

Jacqui said...

Personally, I wouldn't worry about feeding him the high-fat foods. I would work on the whole milk--none of my babies went for it after weaning, either. Eliza hated the stuff, but once it was all she could drink, she took to it. Now she loves it.

Ethan doesn't eat ANYTHING, which should be something the pediatrician should worry about. They dont' worry at all because the kid is 40 lbs. and 40 inches tall. But, he is the pickiest poo ever. He was just born a lug, and has stayed a lug. Eliza, on the other hand, was tiny and has stayed small. Olivia, too. So...if you think he's healthy, he probably is just fine!