Sunday, October 05, 2008

What a big boy.

Dean's birthday's coming up in the next few weeks. It's really hard to believe it's almost been a year!!

These pictures kind of sum up what he's been up to recently. The video isn't spectacular (only a few seconds long), but it's the best I have of him walking thus far. Just in the last two days he's really ramped it up. He still only walks about 4 or 5 steps in a row, but at least I'll call it walking now. If he wants to get somewhere fast, he crawls or uses anything mobile as a walker (his high chair, a stool, his walker, etc.). When we're outside on the sidewalk, he does a one foot standing, one knee crawling thing. It's pretty funny except when he loses his balance and smacks his head on the pavement leaving a nice scraped up bruise...poor kid. It's a hard knock life.



CASSIE said...

Oh my gosh! He's totally walking! That's awesome! Ranan is still a wussy when it come to taking a step without his little "push toy." Dean is so darn cute!

Kristeee said...

Wow, good job, Dean! I love the eating the blind cords picture.

Lindsay said...

Good walking, Dean! And I can't believe his birthday is already coming up!

Juls said...

WOW! That was great footage. It captured it all. The keep going or you will fall down. I love it. I love the picture of the arm out of the armhole!