Monday, April 30, 2012

My artist

I had to take Matt to the airport super early this morning and I had to wake up at 4:30 this morning. Needless to say, I took a nap this afternoon. When I woke up from my nap, Dean was on top of the fridge looking for scotch tape in my craft stuff. I went into the computer room and he'd already gone through one roll of tape by taping together about 13 or so papers together to make one large canvas.  I let him add enough to make a 20 paper canvas, and I talked him out of crayons and into paint since it would take a lot less time and frustration to cover that large of an area with paint.

He was so cute as he was explaining his painting. He was the multi-colored person. The red and blue guys are friends and they are all holding hands. The little guy is their invisible friend (like Soren Lorenson on Charlie and Lola). His arms can grow and shrink if he needs them to. The red spot is Mars. The Green spot is Earth. They are in outer space, but in a place where there is gravity so they're not floating around (that's why he wrote the word gravity on top).

Walt was sad he wasn't in the picture, so Dean painted him a different picture with him and a friend. As I was changing Edward's diaper, Walter took the bottles of paint (that I stupidly left down) and was "splat painting" by squeezing the bottles out onto his painting. It got all over the ground. I was not happy. As I was cleaning up, I told the boys to not go inside till I cleaned them off. Next thing I knew, they were in my car!! AAAAAACK! Luckily no paint (that I found) got on the car or upholstery. Close call.

I let him hang it in his room when it was dry.
On Sunday the boys wanted to wear ties like Dad to church. I had some clip on ties I got two years ago on a super cheap sale but they've never worn because they're a little big and the boys don't have white shirts. It didn't really matter that they didn't have white shirt or that their collars didn't lay right. They loved it. It was cute and they kept them on all through church!


QA said...

Ridiculously handsome boys you have! Love them in their ties!

A.J. Dub. said...

Smart boy to tape them together like that. He is a great artist! Did you know that a lot of newspaper printers will give you their tail end rolls of newsprint? We used to get them to cover tables for primary activities and for making the life size body tracings at the preschool. Allen American does that I think.

mad white woman said...

That's such a good idea! I love that you embraced his idea rather than inhibit his creativity. I need to do that more often.