Thursday, April 05, 2012

And tornado season begins

The very first weekend we moved here we watched our first tornado producing storm (unbeknownst to us).  We were sitting there watching the crazy lightening from our windows in our living room and the next day at church we found out that a tornado actually touched down about 10 miles north of us!

We've had a few other tornadoes pretty close, but this week was crazy! On Monday it was kind of overcast. The boys played outside for about an hour after lunch and shortly after they came in I called Matt for some reason and he said, "You know there's a tornado warning, right?"  I had had no clue.  I turned on the news to hear things like, "This is the worst possible scenario."  "We've never seen this." "There are 4 independent tornado producing storms."  The tornado sirens went off and I brought the boys into the bathroom (the safest place in our house). Miraculously, no one was killed. There was lots of damage, though. Here's a link to some crazy pictures of the storms. Spring is usually the worst for tornadoes, but luckily we've found the last 7 years we've lived here that McKinney is in a little "safer" pocket that doesn't get hit as hard as the rest of the metroplex.

At first I put the boys to work and I tried to clean the bathroom, but then Matt told me to take a mattress in with us to cover us if we needed, so there wasn't much room to clean after that. I ended up just reading to the boys until the warning was lifted.  There were over a dozen tornadoes within a few hours. We luckily only had hard rain here.

After I brought the mattress in and explained why I had it in there, I went to get a lantern in case the electricity went out (it did, but only for a min.). When I got back, Dean had pulled Edward's seat under it and had tipped it to cover the three of them so they'd be safe from the storm. So cute.

Dean absolutely loves Edward.


MDawg said...

How did you stay calm? I don't think I could live in tornado alley. I'm glad you were all safe!

mad white woman said...

I'm pretty sure I am not prepared to live in tornado land. Except for sure I'd have my camera - I can stay entertained for hours with my camera. :)