Sunday, April 22, 2012

Summer cuts (and bruises)

Last week we were playing outside with chalk, and once again, Walter chooses to draw on everything BUT the "correct" place to draw. He preferred to chalk himself and the table rather than the sidewalk. Dean's choice were the bricks.

This week we were in our garage/front yard and Dean started drawing a family portrait. Matt is REALLY tall and far away. When I asked why he was far away, he said dad was at work, of course. The three boys were all in the same row. Dean is the biggest, Walter is medium, and Edward is little. I was under the boys. And then there was "someone we didn't know who is in jail" above us. I'm not quite sure about that one...I asked him why the man was in jail and he said it was because he hit one of our friends. If you notice, the man in jail is frowning.

Matt was cutting some pipe in the back yard for a project. He let Walter help and his facial expression in the second just about summed it all up. HAHA. He was so worried Walt was going to cut him.


We had some car problems earlier this week and I ended up with a rental car for a day while mine was getting fixed. While I was teaching a piano lesson, they were playing in the car and as far as I can tell, Dean opened the door on Walt and knocked him flat on the pavement resulting in a huge goose egg on his forehead and cuts on his nose. Poor boy.

The boys' hair has been getting out of control, so I decided to give them their summer cuts. We decided to give Walt the same "big boy" hair cut we gave Dean. It's the shortest we've gone with him! While I think it looks good and makes him look so big, I do miss the curls a little. Ah well. That's why hair is so great. It just grows back in a few months.

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