Sunday, April 29, 2012


The boys have been begging to go camping for awhile now. Our ward had a ward camp out at our Bishop's "ranch" this weekend. At first I thought I was just going to go for the dinner and then have Matt camp with the boys while I came home with Edward. But at the last minute I decided to camp as well.  Edward was a champ. He actually slept better out there than at home! I just had him in his car seat. He slept from about 7:30-10 and then from 10-4:30! and got up at 6:15 for the morning. The other boys got to stay up until about 10!! And they were still up at their normal 6:15 with bounds of energy.  All in all it was a success.

I didn't have a chance to get marshmallows before we left, so I was so happy and impressed with a young boy in our ward (with aspergers) who started toasting himself a gigantic marshmallow and gave it to Dean and Walter to share when they said they wanted some.

Oh, and at the end of the night they set up a projector and showed a short "Mormon Message" Good Things to Come (click it if you want to see it. It's 5 min.) by Elder Holland.  Dean was totally into the clip and was SO very concerned about the family and the dad leaving them. He couldn't understand that the dad left the family to go get help when the car broke down, and that he actually came back to the family.  He thought the dad had abandoned the mom and two boys by the side of the road with no money TWICE. He was on the brink of tears! I had to explain to him a couple of times that the dad really came back for the family and that they were a happy family even though they couldn't make their trip.  I was impressed that he was watching and processing as much as he did. What a tender spirit.

Walter was frustrated when we went to bed because older kids were out walking around and making noise. He wanted to be out there with walking around too and didn't want to be sleeping despite the fact that he'd been up since 6:30 without a nap! He got into the "mud room" portion of our tent but couldn't figure out how to get that zipper undone. He ended up sleeping out there rather than in with us! haha. Funny kid.

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