Thursday, May 03, 2012

(Cr/H)appy Anniversary to us

One of our first dates in 2000. BYU homecoming.
Today is our 9th anniversary. It's been a good 9 years.

Today, however, was kind of crappy. Matt's been working long, late hours in CA and we haven't gotten to talk at all this week. The few times he's been available to talk, I haven't been home to see his email for me to call him. Yeah. One of those times I wish we actually had cell phones.

The boys got me up before Dean's stop light alarm turned green for the second day in a row.  They were at each others' throats ALL DAY. I was ever so very grateful that Dean had preschool today. I ended up putting together our double stroller again and went for a jog since I haven't been able to run since Matt left. I propped Edward up with a pillow that he leaned on and sucked until he fell asleep around mile 1. When we turned back into the wind on the way home he had kind of a hard time with it, but fell back asleep. Running with a stroller is so very different than running on my own. It's good, though, for me. It helps me from running at race pace every run and is kind of like strength training since I'm running with an extra 75 lbs.  I hate not being able to use my arms though.  It was HOT today. I didn't get out until about 10 and it was already nearing 90*.
Frazzled after a long day. Walt took the pic.

When I picked Dean up, his teacher said he'd been in time out a couple of times. No surprise there after our morning. Today was one of those days that was just plain filled with frustration, time outs, a couple of spanks, yelling, naughty behavior, more naughty behavior, tired boys who don't nap, and was all topped off by getting pooped on by the youngest. Glamorous.

The few positives of the day:
  1. My sister Julie called. It was so nice to talk to another adult that I love. 
  2. Dean finished a Robot comic book he's been working on for a couple of days. He was nice and grateful to me for a few minutes after we got it compiled at least.
  3. Our trip to the library actually went slightly better than normal. Edward didn't cry until we got in the car to go home (then he screamed bloody murder the whole way and Dean tried to feed him water to get him to stop crying and he was soaked by the time we got home). We got a huge bag of books. The boys were fairly well behaved (minus Walter opening up the light cover and flipping some switches. WHY don't they have a lock on that??? It's just so tempting for kids to see that there should be a lock but there isn't one.).  
Here is Dean's book.

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mad white woman said...

Can we blame our kids' behavior on the heat? Our last few days have been pretty similar...

Hopefully you can have a nice anniversary make up celebration some time. :)