Thursday, February 04, 2010

And what about you, Celia?

I've been thinking a lot recently about the Anne of Green Gables books that I read last year. After reading Anne of Ingleside I remember thinking, it really shouldn't have been named Anne of Ingleside because it was more about her kids than her. Now I understand. When you're a mom (at least with little kids, and especially for a stay at home mom like me), much of your identity is wrapped up in your kids.

(Just so you know, I read them when I was pregnant with Walt, and that's actually where I first saw the name Walter - one of Anne's kids- and started considering it. Matt doesn't know that though.)

In 2006 I started this blog because I felt like my mind was getting too "soft" after graduating college. I wanted to write interesting things for people to read. My blog has turned more into a child brag blog and/or mommy venting session, but I don't mind too much. That's where I am in life, and this is now more of a journal than a literary venture. Hopefully I'm not too terribly boring, but if I am, at least I occasionally have pictures and videos, right? =)

Six months after having Walt, I wanted to check in on where I am in life.

At 28 (almost 29) years and after 2 kids I:

wanted to post a good picture of me but unfortunately don't have one! I guess I take all the pictures around here.

spend most of my time doing something for someone else be it my kids, my husband, or church. edit: I guess I shouldn't have included this, because as I think on it, almost everyone spends most of their lives doing things for other people be it employers, family, etc.

am still 5'3" (since 6th grade)

weigh between 122-127 depending on the time of day and if I'm clothed or not.

don't have as flat as a tummy as I used to. Need to work on pulling my muscles back up and in.

bought pants for the first time in 5 years. I had NO clue what size I really was. According to Old Navy, I'm a 4 in fit and flare and a 2 (what the?!?!?!) in boot leg and capris. I've never, ever been able to fit my legs/booty in a size 4. Ever. Don't tell me if their sizing is different from all other stores. I don't want to know. =) edit: While I fit size 4 and 2 I actually bought size 6 and 4's. After wearing them for 1/2 a day, though I realized with the bit of stretch in them I should have gotten a size smaller because they're looser than I want. Not bad looking though.

go to sleep between 10:30-12 if I don't have insomnia

have insomnia (meaning it takes me longer than 45 min. to fall asleep) at least once a week

finally feel like I'm getting over my postpartum mess

am starting a crafting blog with some of my best friends from college (so excited!!)

want to train for a 1/2 marathon as well as run the Snowflake 24th of July 10K

just purchased Brooks Adrenaline running shoes (size 7 1/2 wide) after trying 3 pairs of Asics that just didn't fit my foot.

want to buy a Tike Tech Sport Twin or a Baby Jogger Performance Double very badly

have no "mad money" to buy a jogger because ALL of my piano students dropped after my semester break I took with Walt. Most were for economic reasons. Some moved. Some switched to a teacher who could go to their house.

have dusted off my sewing machine and might just start an etsy shop to try and earn a little mad money. scary.

almost never turn on the TV anymore. Matt and I watch a few shows (Burn Notice, Heroes, The Office, Chuck) on his computer on the weekends, but other than that, I rarely watch a show on the day it airs. Leno most days. Don't know if I'll continue to watch him once he's back at the Late Show hours. Just too late.

read scriptures online now. It's nice to have conference talks, hyperlinked cross-references, institutes manuals, teacher manuals, etc. all in one place.

have given up paper crafting scrapbooks in favor of blurb photo books.

think we'll end up having at least 4 kids. Even with all of my craziness, I feel like there are more kids to come, and I do mean kids, plural. We'll see, though.

realized I'll never have that "out of a magazine" house. I'm not a good enough house keeper/organizer/decorator/shopper. Oh well. It's at least a comfortable and inviting house.

still wonder if I shouldn't just switch to cloth diapers. Why does this still plague me?? I thought I had my answer and it was to stay with disposables for ease and husband help. My only answer is that maybe the spirit is telling me I need to get prepared for some future where it's a necessity. Am I just ignoring a spiritual prompting?

know I spend too much money on groceries.

don't read as many books as I'd like. I go in spurts.

own 6 pairs of shoes. 3 are Sunday shoes. 2 are running shoes. 1 pair is a "cute" shoe that I bought 6 or 7 years ago that doesn't fit my foot all that well and is tall and not comfortable when toting a baby around. I'm in DESPERATE need of cute/comfortable every day shoes. I'm currently using my old running shoes. edit: I forgot I have pool flip flops and a pair of sandals.

am trying to cut most sugar treats out of my life. Sugar's been doing weird things to my hormones and emotions. Most of the time I do really well and am happy with it. Then every once in awhile I get a hankering to make cookies (and memories) with Dean. I eat about 5-6 cookies in the batch over a couple days and get all sugared out again. Overall I don' t think that's a bad way to live.

want to buy a wheat grinder and do all or most of my own flour making. Currently looking at a Nutrimill on ebay that's ending in a few days.

am trading babysitting with a friend so Matt and I (and she and her husband) can go out on dates more often. I went there last week and she's here tomorrow for the first time. I think we'll do it once a month.

That's about it. If I think of other things I may update it just for my journaling purposes.


marzy dotes said...

You are tiny girl! So proud of you. You look great.

My parents got us a wheat grinder attachement for our kitchen aide last Christmas. Sadly enough I haven't used it yet. I got out a #10 can of wheat to try it out with probably a year ago and it is still sitting on my counter unopened. Every time I look at it I am like oh yeah, I am going to keep this out so I remember to do it. That is pretty bad huh? And I feel the same way about my house. I kind of know what I want it to look like, but am not sure it will ever get there and I am having a hard time coming to terms with it. I guess I still have plenty of years to work on it.

Amanda said...

It was fun to read about you. As far as I know, Old Navy is sized the same as everyone else, so GOOD JOB!!! Flat tummy or not, you are teeny.

Also, I have to tell you that I have known several people who have tried to make a go of sewing crafts, and they have been SO CUTE, but they have all said that when you factor in your time, there is no way to make it worth it. If you love it, and you would love doing it for fun, great, but as a money maker, I think my friends said it was around $2. ouch. But good luck.

Amanda said...

That was supposed to be $2/hr.

Ashby Family said...

Two things...

#1 - I have a nutrimill (and have for about 4 years) and LOVE it. I grind all my own wheat and my family prefers it to white bread/rolls/pancakes, etc. I even go half and half in muffins, banana bread, etc.

#2 - Clothing sizes. I was a size 4 for as long as I can remember. all through high schoo land college and even after marrying I ranged from a 4-6. I still weigh the same but now am wearing a couple 4's(jeans), mostly 2's and I've even bough some 0's!!!!! I honestly think ALL the stores are changing their sizes.


Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Amanda, my husband paints and sells things to fund his painting and it works out to about that. I know. Ouch. I'd only sell projects I could turn out in a couple hours and aren't too stressful. I was hoping for $4/hour and if I get fabric on sale/through co-ops, I think my profit could work out to about that.

It was hard to come to terms with since my time teaching piano is worth at least $25/hour. So, thanks for the warning. I may still try it...

Oh, and I loved the fabric I got from your store!

Amy said...

I agree with everyone are TINY and lood great!

I also have a Nutrimill and love it.

Erin said...

Can't wait to see your craft blog! You know I'm all about that! :) Good luck with the running too! I'm having such a hard time between the cold and no one to run with that it's been difficult to run 3-4 times per week!

Erin said...

Doh...I found the link in your sidebar... :)

Sarah Pace said...

you always seem so put together.
I admire all the things you have accomplished. I admire your desire to be better at everything you do! I think it's time to set some goals for myself!
It was fun to hear all those things about you! Good luck with your craft blog!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

believe me sarah, i have many days where i do not feel put together one little bit!! it's an illusion.