Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The toll keeps rising

Dean has really hit a non-malicious destructive streak! We are currently in the hundreds of dollars of damage done in the last few weeks.

He bit our rockband 2 disk rendering it useless!

He somehow ruined the wii play disk.

He's ruined 2 remotes by chewing them.

He bit a curious george dvd from the library. (I really do try and keep these out of reach, but he's figured out how to use toys, chairs, the couch, etc. to climb up.)

He cut a skirt I'd just finished sewing. ("Dean doing hard work!")

He ripped the cord off his space heater. (We just found this tonight. Not sure how he did it. Glad he didn't electrocute himself!)

He got into Matt's paints today while I was nursing Walt. He opened one, tried dumping it in Matt's palette, got it all over his shirt, hands, and face. Got out a couple of Matt's expensive paintbrushes that he can only get online. I only noticed one of them because he put the cover back on the other one. Matt's in the middle of a "paint to sell" project and the paint he spilled and brushes he ruined were crucial to his project. Luckily he didn't spill all of the paint and Matt was able to salvage the brushes enough to use until he gets new ones.

He is constantly biting and gnawing on his hands or something else. Tonight he was chewing on the cord to my mouse. I'm pretty sure he has all of his teeth, including his 2 year old molars, so I don't know what the deal is.

He was playing in Matt's car and left the door open which left the light on. He had to buy a charger to get it charged up again.

He's gotten really good at climbing up onto the counters, and that worries me.

I guess terrible twos includes more than just tantrums! Good thing he's a cutie pie.


Kristeee said...

Maybe it's the weather? Kate's going stir crazy herself, which has made her climb on, jump off, chew on, rip up, etc. everything. Busy, busy, busy! I'm ready for Spring and a daily trip to the park to blow off some serious steam.

-Laura- said...

Busy, busy boys! When Spencer was about 1 1/2 he bit the seal in our washing machine (front loader) and it cost us $300 to fix. We tease all the time that we're keeping a tab on him, to be repaid with interest. Ha ha!

Sarah Pace said...

I'm sorry, but all I could do was laugh! I think he might have an obsession with eating cds=)! good luck!

Tom and Audrie said...

It gets better I promise. And try and remember he is not trying to be bad he is just curious. Good Luck!!!

Becky said...

I'm sorry! My two year old is in this stage right now too, and I was telling my husband that he's for sure our most expensive child! And hardest to clean up after. My oldest never went through this crazy destruction stage, so there's hope!

Kyle M. said...

My grandfather used to say it was the troublesome twos followed by the terrible threes.

Two's are troublesome because they cause so much damage but not on purpose.

Three's are terrible because then they start doing this stuff just to make you mad.

Th. said...


Oh, man. You fill me with fear.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

kyle, that's a very good description.

ashlee said...

That picture of Walt in the snow sleeping or semi sleeping is so cute! My stroller is a kolcraft from target and I love it but it is huge and I get a lot of looks. I like to think it is because of my beauty :-)

Amanda said...

By the way, I never knew that Matt painted. I guess you learn something new every day. Good luck!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

amanda, not canvas painting. he paints warhammer game pieces. Here's the one he just finished and is selling on ebay. This one was small because they messed up on his order and didn't send all the pieces he wanted to paint. The last two he sold went for about $170 a piece.

Amanda said...

Wow. That is impressive.

By the way, on weeks like this, I have a feeling that no matter how much people tell me that I will miss the baby/toddler years, it can't actually be true. I love my kids more every with every year!

adsmalley said...

UGH! That is about all I could say. I didn't even think to laugh. Cringe is a better word.

PS It is really Julie