Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sometimes I get it right

Yesterday while Walt was taking a longer than normal nap, I got out some paper and my circle punch to keep Dean busy. After making a couple of circles, Dean held one up and said, "Dean make cookies. Take them to somebody." He then ran to the door. It was cold out, and I thought he'd just pretend to take it to somebody, but I opened the door for him anyway. Next thing I knew he was two houses down, almost to our friends' front door. He knocked and when Chris opened the door, he was so excited to share his cookie with her. Right after he gave it to her, he said "bye, bye" and headed home to get more cookies to take to more people. =)

He successfully got to one more house where we found out that our neighbor went into labor early and was at the hospital. Maybe we'll take them some real cookies tomorrow as a congrats.

As I watched him, it made me feel good. Every time we've made goodies (and occasionally dinners), we've shared some with friends. He's learning to think about other people from my example. It's nice to know that sometimes I get it right.

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