Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I guess you could could say, "I told ya so"

(This is the face he makes when he's trying to get Walter to smile.)

Well, we've more or less jumped train...the potty train that is. He'd been doing pretty well (meaning he'd go 5-6 times a day on the potty), but he hit a really oppositional streak shortly after he turned 2. His desire to go on the potty has steadily declined from October till now. Now he mainly only goes before nap and before bed, and half the time he only goes then to get treats.

He still hates diapers. More than ever even. And he HATES diaper changes. He can't stand to have me wiping him. He says they're cold and they hurt. I try and tell him it'd hurt a whole lot more if we didn't wipe, but he doesn't get the logic yet. He'll occasionally ask to wear underwear or a pull up, but his frequency for accidents is actually higher now than it was a couple months ago.

So, should I have waited? Maybe. I think it could have worked if we'd hit it hard before he turned two when it was still fun and he wanted to be like us so badly.

So, I'm guessing he'll not be totally potty trained until he's 3. I guess we'll fit the "start when he's 18 mo. end when he's 3" model. Oh well. Maybe he'll decide it's for him between now and then, but I'm not holding my breath. I know he knows when he needs to go because he'll usually announce it but then decline to sit on the toilet.

A funny, non-potty story about his oppositional streak: Last night we were reading David goes to School before bed. I'd say what the book said, "David's teacher always said, No David! No yelling. No Pushing. No running in the halls." All the while he'd coach David opposite of the teacher's direction. "Run in the halls David!" "Chew gum in class!" "Don't raise your hand David!!!" "No go home David!"

Silly kid.


Ali Seaman said...

My kids love that book. And don't worry. We tried to start Jake really early. It was a long, drawn out process and we finally gave up. For awhile. So you're not alone in the long potty training. Then we just put him on the potty before bath, that was it. Until he was 2 1/2. Then we let him run around naked for awhile. For three or four days I gave him whatever he wanted to drink and took him potty every 20 minutes or so. It was a long few days, but he got the hang of it. I learned not to push it, though, and it was much easier with Alisa. Good luck. Besides cleaning up barf, it's my least favorite part of parenting so far. :)

Sarah Pace said...

Both of my kids didn't potty train till they were almost 3, and I never had a problem. after about a week they didn't have accidents and they only wore pull ups to bed for about 6 months.
So I'm a believer in waiting a little longer to potty train! but every child id diffferent. We are getting ready to potty train Hailey. I think she is about ready now! Good luck!

Those David book are my kids favorites!

Lindsay said...

As my mom likes to tell me, "There is nothing wrong with a 2 year old in diapers." He'll come around as he matures.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

NO, there's nothing wrong with a 2 year old in diapers unless he fights you tooth and nail EVERY SINGLE DIAPER CHANGE! I don't know if every kid is like this, but I hate it. Plus he was interested in going on the potty (I followed his lead on this one!) from about 18 months. But whatever.