Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wrapping up our Christmas Vacation: The San Fran Zoo

Before we get too far past Christmas, there are a few things I wanted to write down so I don't forget. Oh, and there will be tons of pics on this one.

The week after Christmas was packed and fabulous. On Tuesday the 29th Matt, Dean, Walt and I went to the San Fransisco Zoo. About 10 min. away from the zoo, Matt asked if I smelled poo. Sure enough, when we got Walter out of his seat, he'd had a MAJOR blowout. The worst he's had. And to top it off, I'd forgotten to pack wipes!!! What mother does that??? My MIL had about 3 wet ones in her car that we used to clean him up. Luckily I did have another outfit and his bunting. And we were able to buy some wipes inside the zoo, though we ended up not needing them really.

We were there almost the whole time it was open. It was a nice day, though it was a little on the chilly side. As always, though Dean refused wear a jacket. His arms were turning colors, but he insisted he wasn't cold.

Riding the train.

BY FAR the tractors were his favorite attraction.

When we were driving home, Matt asked what his favorite animal was. Giraffe. I'd have to agree that the african animals were the coolest. We had loads of fun.

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