Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Walt at 5 months

I am more and more in love with my big guy. He has such a calm spirit and is generally easy to please. He loved being in CA with family because he was held way more than I can hold him on my own. He and Dean have been complete opposites in almost every way, yet I dearly love them both. One way they're different is that Dean LOVED the camera. From about 4 months on, Dean lit up like a Christmas bulb when I turned on the camera. Walt, on the other hand is much harder to catch smiling on camera. I think the flash surprises him.

Walt had a couple of firsts while we were in CA the past few weeks.

He got his first (and second) teeth at the same time. I'm pretty sure more are on the way by his ear pulling and slight fussiness.

He rolled over. Now when I place him on his back, he immediately rolls to the left and onto his belly. It makes changing his diaper a bit more challenging.

He can sit up by himself for short periods of time. He stayed upright for a couple of minutes tonight while I was getting Dean ready for bed.

He met a new friend. He loves grabbing onto anything close to him. I just thought this was such a cute photo op.He really took to Grandpa Bras(s) while we were there. He could get a smile out of Walt nearly every time he tried.
He had his first and second (and third because of a layover) plane rides. He was so fabulous. Honestly, the boy didn't cry at all. He slept a lot and was good when he was awake.

Don't know how much he weighs, but I imagine it's 21+ lbs now. The size 4 diapers are getting a bit snug in the waist!! I'll have to check it out tomorrow.

*update: he weighs 22 lbs!*


Amanda said...

Wow! He is getting so big. Both of your little guys are! I read through your moms Christmas letter when I was in AZ at my moms for Christmas. I sounds like your family is all doing great.

Oh and I love the names you gave your boys. AND you are looking great! Very happy!

Stephanie said...

Walt is a handsome chap! That photo with the monkey is too cute.

Lindsay said...

Size 4, huh? Wow. Garrett's still in 4's, but Caleb's catching up...he just graduated to size 3.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Dean's still in 4's too.

AmyJane said...

Hee. Kennedy weighs 23 lbs and wears size 3 diapers at 21 months. :) They all grow SO differently! He is a cutie pie--nothing like a chubby baby to make me want to reach through the computer screen and squeeze them!

Lady Steed said...

The size 4's are getting snug? Oh dear. Hopefully he'll start lengthening out some so that you do not have to move up to size 5.