Friday, January 29, 2010

So I heard

In the morning Dean headed out the door with my pillow:
"Where are you taking my pillow?"
"Bringing it to chichen."

During "nap time" (which is evolving into "play alone in your room time") I hear him call out, "Hey mommy. Dean need to go check on sumfin." (He periodically has to check on things. He'll run out into a room, look around, and then come back and say everything was ok.) Me, "What do you need to check on?" Him, "My ABC's table."

Right before my shower as an observation: "Mommy no have a penis."

(Under his breath tried to sing) "EIO". He started to freak out, stopped, and said, "I so frustrated." "What are you frustrated about buddy?" "Singing EIO (Old MacDonald)." So I sang it with him and he was happy.

*I've been trying to work really hard with him on verbalizing his frustrations since he gets frustrated so easily. He often ends up hitting, throwing (train tracks usually), or just kind of tantruming when this happens. This week he's started saying "I frustrated" instead and I'll ask why he's frustrated and we see if we can fix whatever is going wrong. I'm very happy about this development.*

On Sunday he was sick so Matt stayed home with him. Matt stayed in bed and read scriptures while Dean played next to him. When Matt got up to go to the bathroom, Dean hustled onto his pillow and said, "Dean's spot now." When Matt came back he sat on my side of the bed. Dean got up and said, "Need to check on sumfin." and headed toward the door. Before he got out the door he said stopped, turned around, and said, "No take mine spot daddy!" He left the room and came back. Matt asked what he had to check and he said, "The piano!"

"Mommy just kidding!" (About bed time. Daddy often comes home from work and says it's time for Dean to go to bed since Dean missed his nap. Dean starts freaking out so I tell him daddy's just kidding. So now he thinks I'm kidding when I tell him it's bed time at night. nope!)

Lately when I've been getting dinner ready, Dean takes out the pots and pans and plays in the cupboards. "Dean going to work. Bye mommy. Bye Walter. Take my blankie and mine hammer." Haha. Tonight it was the same routine, but instead of going to work, he was going to school. =) So cute.

Some of his favorite books to check out from the Library are the David books. He has a cousin named David who happens to have a mii on our wii from our reunion. Often when we play wii sports, he asks to play "oh david". We recently brought home "David goes to School" and he had it mostly memorized after 2 readings. He loves it. This is a video of him doing his David "reading", though I have to admit it's longer and not quite as "good" as his impromptu readings. Still cute to me though.


marzy dotes said...

So sweet. He is such a funny little guy! Love it!

-Laura- said...

SO cute!!

Erin S. said...

Lol! What a hilarious guy!

Lindsay said...

I love that you can get him to voice his frustration through words. I'd be living the good life if Garrett could figure out how to do that!

Lois said...

What a genius boy you have! I was amazed that he remembered what the words were.