Friday, January 22, 2010

I resolve

There are 52 weeks in a year. I figured, rather than make a few gigantic goals I hope to achieve (but later forget about), I'd do a goal per week. In no particular order. On Sundays I can look at the list and choose one for the week. I'm starting late, so I'm only putting 49. We'll see how this goes! Oh, and some of these I hope to do waaaayyyy more than once in the year, but I'm putting them on here anyway!

1. Do something nice for someone else
2. Go jogging 4 days during the week
3. Attend the Temple
4. Play a structured game with Dean
5. Go to a museum
6. Go to a professional production (Wicked or Phantom!)
7. Catch up on my blog book and print out 2008
8. Catch up on blog book and print out 2009
9. Have 100% visiting teaching for the month
10. Update 72 hour kit
11. Track our budget
12. Run in a scheduled race (Snowflake's 24th of July 10K? February half marathon?)
13. Build up our 3 month food storage
14. Eat all veggie and fruit servings every day in the week. No skimping!
15. Read my scriptures every day
16. Read the Sunday School and RS lesson before Sunday
17. Up to date on photo books (through blurb)
18. Enjoy a nice hot bubble bath (or a really long, hot shower by myself without kids in the room)
19. Do a Montessori activity with Dean
20. Go on a fun date other than the movies
21. Host a Girls Night Out
22. Get a massage or a pedicure
23. Put everything away immediately when finished within a 24 hour period
24. Meal plan for the week
25. Say only positive things (in a positive voice) for a day
26. Go on a Road Trip
27. Play racquetball with Matt
28. Plant a garden
29. Try to get to know more about my ancestors
30. Eat only what we have stored in the house for a week
31. Hang all pictures that need to be hung!
32. Make something with wood (a shelf for the bathroom maybe?)
33. Clean out closet and get rid of clothes I never wear
34. Read the whole ensign in a week
35. Get good family pictures taken
36. Read a fun book
37. Read a biography or autobiography of someone awesome
38. Volunteer in the community
39. Watch a movie with Dean
40. Have friends over for a dinner party
41. Get an ancestral family name temple ready
42. Do baptism for said person
43. Do endowment session for said person
44. Do sealing for said person
45. Schedule one on one time with each of my wonderful kids
46. Make fabric Christmas tree ornaments
47. Try a new food that I've never had before
48. Make a fabric alphabet set
49. Make an item of clothing


marzy dotes said...

Awesome!! I love this idea!

Amanda said...

WOW! At first I thought that this would be so much harder to do, but after reading through your list I kind of feel like just printing it out and doing everything too.

SUCH a great idea!

Lindsay said...

I think that's a great idea, to break it up week by week. I hope it works out for you.