Friday, January 29, 2010

brotherly love

These boys are getting to be friends. Walter generally likes Dean and laughs at his antics. Dean likes Walt more than he used to, though he still often gets frustrated when I have to give Walt attention for feedings and what not.

One day Dean started saying "One, two, three, four hop!" and would jump. Walt thought it was hilarious. Ever since then Dean's really enjoyed trying to jump with Walter or make him laugh. Here's a video of them jumping together.


Lady Steed said...

Very funny. I loved Walter's jumping.

Also, Little Lord Steed and I NEED one of those things you have Walter in--what is it called?

And, what the heck was Dean eating? A block of ramen noodles?

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

It's called a jumperoo. And yes, it was a block of ramen. haha. matt had eaten ramen for lunch and dean wanted some too, but he wanted the crunchy noodles. I used to eat ramen like that too.

Lois said...

I love how Walt starts to jump when Dean does. If Dean isn't jumping Walt just kind of waits for him to come back. Aren't little humans amazing? So cute!