Thursday, September 06, 2012

I found my way out of the boxes...

Woowee. Moving was/is time consuming! I feel like I've been moving boxes non-stop for 2 weeks now!  I have unloaded some of them, but let's not even talk about organization! My main goal has been to get boxes to the general location they will reside permanently and THEN unload them. I have found all of the essentials and most of the boxes left are the random hodge podge boxes that I just don't want to deal with because I don't really have a good place for anything in them. I'm getting there though.

The first three are actually pre-move. Don't I just have the cutest boys ever???

The boy's room right before we packed it up.

Closing on our house had us on pins and needles. The underwriters waited till the veeeerrrrryyy last second to approve our loan for our new house and we weren't sure it was going to all get processed in time for us to move in over the weekend. BUT, all was well and went according to plan. We picked up our uhaul at 7am on August 25.  We had a good turn out from our old ward (the Mormon Moving Co. as my aunt called it) to help us load and clean. I had people lined up from 9 am -4pm to watch Dean and Walt. It worked out really well. It rained all morning long. Seriously. The air was so thick and humid it felt like we were in Houston.

We got the uhaul loaded totally full and still had quite a few big things we needed to load.  Luckily one of the guys Matt home teaches, Eric C., volunteered to drive up with Matt and help him partially unload.  They unloaded half the truck by themselves and then Matt drove back and loaded it back to full again all by himself. Needless to say, by the time he got to Melissa by 3 for the new ward to help us move in, he was totally spent.  We had a handful of guys unload and by the end of the truck our living and dining rooms were totally buried. We worked and worked that day.

Julie, A &A
 We got up and went to church at our new ward at 9am the next day. It will be a great ward. After church we all went back to the old house and got all the loose ends and cleaned everything.  It took us another 4 hours or so. Entertaining kids for 4 hours while you're trying to work and have no toys around...kinda tough. Enter my awesome friend Julie who lived right next door.  She came over after we'd been there about 2 hours and took all 3 boys back to play with her kids for about 2 hours!  It was a lifesaver because the boys had just about hit their limits. They were tired and hungry and we were too busy to really do anything about it. She was great.

It rained a bit more while we were there, and when we were getting ready to leave for the night, we looked out and saw a rainbow. It seemed fitting. I got a little teary a couple times while we were cleaning and again as Matt started taking a video of our empty house. It was our first house. The house we took 3 babies home to. We had put a lot of hard work into that house, and it was bitter-sweet leaving. This was us saying goodbye for the last time.

 Hello new house!  We love our new house. Sure it has a few little glitches, but overall it is beautiful and great. Our neighborhood is beautiful and I love the community. Our particular street is kind of retirement-row, but that's fine too. Lots nice, nice people.

 We were outside picking some of the crab grass that had gone to seed and these were the pics we came out with. I took a few and Dean took some.

This is the only room that is totally put together. I'll probably put some additional storage in the room, but it looks fine as is. I started 2 new students yesterday and I am excited! I am also going to have one of my McKinney students and one of her friends start back with me in Oct.  I am so happy that she's decided to stick with me and make the 12 min. drive. It made me feel validated as a teacher. =)

I am happy. The neighborhood pool is going to be a great asset next summer!! The boys have already biked while I walked with Edward to it 3 or 4 times since they're open till Oct. and it's still triple digits here. Soooo awesome. I love the pool itself. It's exciting. More pics of the house to come when it's actually put together.

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mad white woman said...

This brings back nightmares of when we moved. I was 7 months pregnant and it wore me OUT. That Saturday night I was physically and emotionally drained. Then, we foolishly decided to go to our old ward that started at 8:30am instead of our new ward that started at 1:30pm. The bottom line, you are handling moving WAY better than I did. :) Can't wait to see more of your new house!