Friday, September 07, 2012

Dean's first day of preschool

Dean started preschool again. It has been fantastic for everyone. Dean loves to learn and do crafts and play with toys that are not our own. I love having a schedule, and it's really been nice to have some one on one time with Walter since everyone knows the middle child often gets the time shaft.

We gave the boys haircuts on Monday night.  I'm always amazed at how much hair we cut off since we let it grow pretty shaggy before we cut it.

Dean's in the older preschool class at Little Saints where all the kids (14!) JUST miss the kindergarten cut off (or make it but their parents want to wait to start them).  I think it will be great for him. They'll work on reading, science, writing, etc.  It's 4 days a week for 3 hours. I was a little sad at first that he wasn't old enough for kindergarten since he's so ready for it, but I think this will be a better transition. It's kind of like half day kindergarten.  They do whole day here, and I think this will help get him read for that much time away from home.  Since we're in Melissa now, it means 10 min. extra to the drive, but it's still not bad.

When he came home from school the other day he said, "mom, do I give the best hugs in the family?"  I told him he gave good hugs, but that other people were good huggers too. "We graphed it today. Two of us said we gave the best hugs in our families. Everyone else said their moms did." Hahahahaha. Yes, he does have a high opinion of his abilities and virtues.  Confident.


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