Sunday, September 09, 2012

Edward 6 month stats

We went to Edward's 6 mo. check up a few days after we moved in. Most things looked great.  The only anomaly was the weird red, hard, hairy patch of skin on his ankle that's been there from birth but has become more prominent as he gets bigger.  We have an appointment to see a pediatric dermatologist in Oct. to make sure there's nothing wrong.

Weight: 19 lb. 13 oz. (79%)
Length: 28.5 (94%)
H Circumferance: 17" (25%)

He's eating tons of food. More than my other kids ate for sure. After we moved in here, I had only been nursing him because I didn't really have stuff for his "food" (we'd only really been feeding him food at dinner anyway, so I didn't think he'd miss it all that much), but he was crying and screaming more than I've ever heard him for 2 days before I realized he was just plain hungry.  Oops. I started feeding him lunch and dinner in addition to nursing as much as ever. I honestly should probably get him something at breakfast too, but he hasn't been complaining about it yet.  The doctor said he could eat soft table foods, so in addition to purees that I've been making, he's also been getting stuff we eat. He ate an entire black bean and quinoa burger the other night! That was more than both Dean and Walter put together!  Most of these pictures are from August since I didn't blog at all that month. 

I absolutely love this picture of both of them. Cracks me up.

Dog pile on the baby!

He has some faces that nearly live up to Dean's crazy baby faces.

He does this funny face when he wait for a bite of food.

Personality wise, he's still pretty content and easy going, though he doesn't like being left in a room by himself. If he's in a room with the boys, he's usually just fine as long as no one is squishing him or he's not stuck. No one can get a smile or laugh out of him quite as easily Dean, though Walter has started trying to get him to laugh and smile and he responds pretty well.  We moved him into the full size crib and started sleep training him after moving in here. He now goes to bed around 7, I feed him around 4-5 am and then he sleeps again till about 7am. I could probably cut out that 1 feeding, but it works out pretty nicely so I can go running without being too full of milk.  He usually naps 2 times, but poor kid's schedule isn't nearly as rigid as Dean's was since we have to work around preschool pick drop off and pick up schedules not to mention errands.

This kid is trying his darndest to keep up with his brothers. He does a mix of army and regular crawl and can go quite quickly across a room. He gets stuck under tables and chairs. He will pull himself up onto his knees holding onto something. He does a stink bug move where he's essentially in down dog. Great. Already trying to stand. ;) I just love this little guy.

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Erin S. said...

He's so cute! I can't believe it's only been 6 months! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!