Monday, August 20, 2012

On the move

It is moving week! We're down to the wire people. This week we finish up packing, close on 2 houses, and move out by Saturday. I'm excited and scared all at the same time.

However, this post is to show you my baby is on the move. Yes, at 6 months, Edward is crawling. Well, it's more of an army crawl than regular crawl. His legs are constantly on the move but his arms haven't quite figured out how to keep up. He is so cute!  Today he also taught himself how to sit up from laying down and I found him sitting up in his crib after his naps today. I think he will really appreciate the move and having a full size crib to roll around in rather than the mini crib we have him in now. I don't have video editing software, so the best part really is just the first few seconds of him crawling.

108 0473 from Celia Brasfield on Vimeo.

Of course he moved a lot more after I turned off the video, so I snapped this picture. He actually got himself out the door before I picked him up and brought him back.

And on an unrelated note, as a follow up to my last post, I have really been doing well with turning a new leaf in my parenting! Matt has noticed it and we have noticed a big difference in the kids' behavior as well, especially Dean. Definitely a testament to the beam/mote issue. 

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