Monday, September 12, 2011

Baby 3 Belly @ 18 weeks

I kind of feel like I exploded the last couple of weeks. I am now in maternity tops (or maternity tanks under regular shirts at the very least).  I put away most of my regular shirts, two of my regular shorts, and got out all my maternity wear.  All of the maternity bottoms are HUGE, but I had forgotten I had put some of my old "fatter" pants and shorts in with my maternity wear, and those are still a little big but will work for now. 

Up until last Sat. I could jog 6 mi. at about 10.5 min/mile pace, but my running partner is doing her marathon this weekend, and I think she'll be doing recovery walking after that. So I'll probably just switch over to that soon. Maybe some jalking (walking and jogging) for awhile. This week I'm painting the last room in our house, so I better go get that all taped off so I can get it done in a timely manner.

Tonight at Home Depot I turned around after getting a cart and an employee was kind of looking at me funny. He then explained, "From the back you look so tiny, and then when you turn around...well, you're still tiny but pregnant! You carry your baby well." haha. I had someone at a yard sale on Sat. tell me almost the same exact thing. "Oh my goodness I didn't realize you were pregnant until you turned around. You carry your baby well."  So, that makes me feel good at least even though I'm looking 24 weeks pregnant at 18 weeks. =)

Dean told me to make silly faces, so this is what I came up with.  He said, "good job mom!" when I was done. I think I only wrote it on FB, so I figured I'd write it here as well since I actually print this out. The other day my stomach was growling a lot at breakfast and Dean said, "Is that the baby talking?" hahaha. Love it.

I was supposed to have my 18 week check up today, but had to reschedule for next week. We haven't had our "official" ultrasound yet to confirm the 12 week ultrasound results as to the baby's sex.

Here's what I looked like at 20 weeks my last two pregnancies to get kind of an idea of how I progressed each time.


MDawg said...

It's true! You are a very cute pregnant person!

Lesley said...

I wished I looked good pregnant! Not the case! Lol! Do you know what your having? I'm confused:)

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

It's most likely a boy. But since the first one was so early, there's a higher chance of error than the 16+ week ultrasound.

Lois said...

I love the funny faces ones since it was at the request of Dean. Was he your photographer as well?