Friday, September 02, 2011

Caught napping

Since I've been 1. pregnant and 2. getting up to run around 5 am 4 days a week, I basically have to lay down for about an hour every day or I can barely scrape through.  Walt's always asleep for his own nap, and Dean usually just plays on the computer, wii, or watches a little TV.  When I woke up from my nap today, I came out to find him like this:

He usually doesn't nap, but the last 2 weeks or so, he's fallen asleep more than the last 6 months combined. He hasn't gotten enough sleep this summer in my opinion (the boy cannot sleep past 6 am and without naps and a slightly later bed time for summer...), and with me out of the equation, he finds himself bored enough to actually fall asleep. I almost dread it, though, because like now, as I type, he generally wakes up crying inconsolably and has a horrible time recovering from the nap unless it's 3 hours long!

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