Thursday, March 03, 2011


After we chopped Walt's hair, he took a sudden interest in hats. It was during the cold snap here, so I think his head was just plain cold without his hair. For days he insisted on wearing a hat. It's gotten warmer, and he doesn't insist on a hat every day now, but he still wears one if he finds it.

He is SUCH a hilarious kid these days. His vocabulary is huge, and he's parroting whole phrases now.

The other day when we were out getting quotes on car repair, he kept thinking we'd see daddy walk into the shops. I kept telling him that daddy was working. The rest of the day he said over and over in a sad voice, "Dada working."

When we were at a friend's house grinding wheat, he found a real kitty toy thing (you know, the cat that moves it's head and looks like a real cat and meows) and was DEVASTATED at having to leave it. I told him to say goodbye to the kitty and he sadly waved to the cat, "bye bye kitty."  As we drove home he'd periodically break into tears and say over and over, "Kitty. Kitty. Bye bye kitty."

He is very good at cheering. If something good is going on, he'll start yelling "All right!!" and punching his arms in the air in celebration.

He loves, loves, loves necklaces. If I am not wearing a necklace, he pats my chest and says, "Neckas, neckas. Mama pretty neckas." until I get one. He wore 3 strands of Marti Gras beads around today since he insisted on having a "pretty neckas" too.

The other morning when I was changing Dean's night diaper, Walt looked down and exclaimed, "BIG POOP!" And he was right.

He occasionally asks to go pee on the potty, so I'll put him up there, he'll pull his shirt up (like Dean so he doesn't pee on it), and looks down. He'll stay there a few seconds till he declares he's "Ah dun."

He loves "anmals" (animals), stuffed and real. Most animals are just called "anmals", and the majority of them say "moo" right now (though he knows a lot of the other sounds), but he does a pretty fierce whinny when he sees a horse.

He is fascinated with robots and guitars, and he insists on having one or the other on his shirt for the day if they are available. I tried putting a car shirt on him this morning, but he only wanted a robot. He also loves singing Robot Parade by TMBG. In fact, this morning as I was taking Dean to the bathroom at 6:30, I heard Walt in his crib belting that song out in the dark.

I love when he says, "Oh Gosh!" He's very good at the "sh" and actually says is for most ending "s" sounds. Like, "Yesh!"

Here's a recent video. He's in a hard stage to capture since his attention span is short and he's usually distracted once I get the camera out. I got the camera out because he'd been cheering, but by the time I got the camera, he'd stopped. It took some coaxing by Dean and me to do it again. The last 15 seconds are the best. I love how he says "STOOOP!" when he's all done.

Untitled from Celia Brasfield on Vimeo.

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